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OBGYN delivering out of henry ford west Bloomfield?

I'm looking for a female OB/GYN who will deliver out of the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. I'm really hoping to find someone who leans more towards the natural side of things but not looking for a midwife. Any recommendations?

Re: OBGYN delivering out of henry ford west Bloomfield?

  • I went with Women's Health Center in West Bloomfield.
    Deliver at Henry Ford WB but there are 5 OB's that you rotate through (2 male, 3 female) for prenatal appointments.

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  • I delivered my first and I really preferred a female also but I must say the two guys Dr. Davidson and Dr. goldfarb are wonderful! But when you go into labor you'll get whom ever is on call so they suggest you meet everyone cause any of them could be on call. I went to the OBGYN offices that are inside the hospital on the third floor.
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  • Dr Campbell is great, especially for people who are more comfortable with a woman obgyn like I am.
  • I loved dr goldfarb when I used to see him for annuals. Unfortunately my insurance wasntaccepted there any longer so I had to find a new ob.
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