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Cloth diaper cover recommendations

Hi all! So my boy is 4 mo now and at 90% height and 50-75% weight. We have been using cloth prefolds with PUL diaper covers. We have tried litewraps and prowraps but neither fit my son very well. He seems to be proportionate but the leg openings are huge with the litewraps and the prowraps and we've had problems with leaking. He is a heavy wetter so we've been using doublers with his prefolds and that helped with some of the leaking, but I have a feeling we also need to find a better fit on the cover itself. Does anyone have brand recommendations for a thinner thigh/waist? Thanks!

Re: Cloth diaper cover recommendations

  • You may be better posting this on the CD board, they are the ladies for all your CD questions

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  • Thanks for the heads up. That will teach me to stick with a suggested board instead of looking at all the options!
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  • I love GMD - we've tried a bunch of different covers but the ones that have worked out so far are the blueberry/capri brand

    He's only 30% weight and 50% height so he's on lanky side, we're using them with the cloth-eez prefolds.
  • Flip covers! We did thirsties w my son but got a few flips this time around and I like them way better!
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  • I really like motherease airflow covers.
  • I love rumparoos. My little guy is long too and they fit him the best. We also have some thirsties covers. I haven't had problems with either of those covers leaking.
  • Check out They have never steered me wrong. Also we use bum genius free time diapers and LOVE them.
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