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Crazy couple of weeks & finally getting ready for my 1st IUI

Hey gals. I feel like its been forever since I logged on. Its been crazy around here. As you know we lost the dog a few weeks ago. Last week we finally had enough of the quiet and adopted a new dog from the Humane Society. she's so cute! its bittersweet Rogue is great but sometimes makes miss my Brodie even more. On top of that ive finally kicked in to gear with my job. (everything went better than expected, the boss came in mid morning and sat down with me & the guy I replaced. He explained the hows and whys of everything to the guy including why he had me tell him. I was right he just need me to get the conversation started because they are friends. The guy was better than expected and has even been a huge help. They are going to try him in another position.

I've been trying to check in here and there, sorry for anything i may have missed. First off congrats to all BFPs and hugs to those who need them. So this cycle I was benched because we tried 3 cycles of clomid and still no baby. RE wants us to do clomid and clomid injectables my next cycle, since clomid was starting to show improvement. He left the choice of TI or IUI up to us. We have decided IUI. I been wrestling with coming to terms with it for weeks. I agree with my husband that if we are doing all this we might as well increase our chances by doing iui. However it's been hard coming to terms with conceiving this way. No body dreams of this you know. We never plan on IF either but a small part of me hoped we could still concieve "the old fashioned way" with the help of meds. Bummer, but DH is right. I know it must be done and so i am pushing myself forward. So now my question is (after all that long rambling), what do I expect from the IUI process. Is it painful? Uncomfortable? Any difference during the 2WW as opposed to TI? i dont want to think it worked if its a typical symptom. I am nervous and excited. What are some tips for getting ready? Anything experiences you want to share would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! (Sorry for being long winded! Lol)

Me: 33 - PCOS & Hypothyroidism DH: 35 - SA is good Married since 2010 (together since 2006) TTC since June 2009 (we knew we would have issues and wanted family right away after we got married). No pregnancies yet. May 2013 - started first round of Chlomid & ovidrel cycle.

Re: Crazy couple of weeks & finally getting ready for my 1st IUI

  • I am so sorry to hear about your dog, but I am glad you found another one to help fill the void. 

    I've had 3 IUI's and I wouldn't say they are painful but uncomfortable. Like a pap, and then a little pinch. After one of them I had had some cramping and bloating that day that made being at work a little uncomfortable, so I went home that day, The other 2, I was able to make it through the day at work just fine.

    The 2ww is the same for me. If you trigger, make sure you don't test too early and get a false BFP... or you can always test out the trigger so you know when it's left your system. Good luck! 
  • IUI itself is fairly simple, like RunCC said - very similar to a pap with just the small added pinch of sticking the cath past your cervix.  In the first half of the cycle I always had a bit more bloating and pain from the drugs growing big follies, not pain as in "ouch, that hurts!"  But more like a dull ache.  
    After in the 2ww I would get more symptoms because of the progesterone (I have LPD so I'm always on sups), so it was things like sore boobs, more tired, more hungry etc.  And yes, I'd have some cramping here and there but you just learn to live with it try and have hope yet stay realistic.

    Good luck!

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    IUI#5 BFN (April 2013)
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    Saw heartbeat twice before missed M/C at 8w3d on 12/27/13, missing my little angel boy
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  • Thanks girls. That helps. :)
    Me: 33 - PCOS & Hypothyroidism DH: 35 - SA is good Married since 2010 (together since 2006) TTC since June 2009 (we knew we would have issues and wanted family right away after we got married). No pregnancies yet. May 2013 - started first round of Chlomid & ovidrel cycle.
  • Hey @Cutiecruz327 -- first off, so sorry about your pup.  I have 4 dogs, and I am so afraid of when that day will come.

    I think you made a good choice going with an IUI.  I felt like DH and I made the decision pretty quickly because we didn't want to waste a cycle, but I'm glad we did.  I was on clomid for IUI #1.  I didn't respond to the clomid and O'd naturally around CD22.  My RE changed me to Femara for IUI #2 and I O'd right on time (CD14/15 - overnight??).  My first IUI was very easy and I didn't feel any affects, but IUI #2 had be pretty crampy, very bloated, and hung up in bed for a little while.  I really do believe that every body handles them differently, and every cycle could be different.  PP was very accurate in say that it feels like a pap, with a little 'pinch'.

    As for trying to come to grips with the way you are getting pregnant, I hear ya.  I got pregnant on my own twice, so I know it is possible, but I had some problems to address as to why I haven't kept them past 5-6 weeks, so we decided to go this route for  faster and more 'monitored' result.  We are still having TI the two days before I O (1st and 2nd days of +OPK), so I'd still like to think that if we get our BFP that it could be from us BD'ing...or at least it may help!?!


    Good luck!!!  No one dreams of this...but at least we are all working towards our hopeful end result!

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    09/4/13 - 4/16/14 -- IUI #1 - 6 = BFNs :(

    7/13/14 -- IVF #1 w/ ICSI

    ER on 7/26/14 -- 20 R, 15 M, 11 F

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  • My first IUI was more painful since they had difficulty inserting the catheter. For both I had a lot of cramping the day of but was feeling much better the day after. I was also told to limit ovary jiggling exercises during the TWW. I hope the addition of the IUI gives you new hope! Good luck!
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  • I am going through my first IUI now.  It's planned for Wednesday - FX.  I'm normally a LATE O'er - typical cycle length is 35-40 days.  The nurse for my RE stated that they were "taking over my cycle" which is true, but I am still taking my sweet time with growing the follies.  On the u/s prior to the projected trigger date, the follies were only 11.8 and they need to be 18ish.  A few days later and a bunch of injectable Gonal F, they were 14.8.  So, the other ladies are correct, everyone is different.  As for the drugs, Clomid gave me hot flashes and mild head aches.  The Gonal F has me bloated with a stuffy nose.  It's not bad and my DH does a great job sticking me with the needles.  We learned how to do it from You Tube videos.  It's crazy what's on You tube. Best of luck to you!  I have no advice on the actual procedure but glad to read that it's just cramping and a pinch.   

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  • Congratulations on the new dog! What type of dog is she?

    Regarding the IUI, the procedure is really quick and does not hurt. A few times I had some mild cramping but it only lasts a minute. Most Dr.'s will let you husband stay in the room with you during the IUI, although my husband prefers to skip that part lol. I'm not sure if the TWW is any different since we went straight to IUI's when we began medicated cycles. I agree with waiting to test if you have a trigger shot since you can get a false positive. A lot of women prefer to test out their trigger, and take a pregnancy test each day and watch as the trigger fades that way if the line comes back, you know it is a real BFP. I don't have any tips to prepare for the IUI- my Dr. does tell me to have a full bladder for the IUI (not really sure why). Good luck this cycle! I hope this works out for you. 

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    IUI #3 with femara, ovidrel and novarel: BFN
    IUI #4 with Follistim (115 iu) and ovidrel= BFN, developed OHSS, benched- 2 weeks of birth control pills
    IUI #5 with Follistim (75iu) and ovidrel= BFN........Taking a medication break for a few months
    IUI #6 with Follistim (75iu) every other day, femara and Lupron trigger= BFN
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  • Thanks everyone. It definitely helps to calm my nerves to get the insights.

    @Kacelets that's crazy that its on YouTube! Lol. Helpful but crazy, I wonder if they have an iui video yet! Lol

    @jadziadax she is a hound mix. She is 1 year 9 months old. Behaves like she's been here since she was a pup. She has already taken over our bed, thankfully she's small! Lol
    Me: 33 - PCOS & Hypothyroidism DH: 35 - SA is good Married since 2010 (together since 2006) TTC since June 2009 (we knew we would have issues and wanted family right away after we got married). No pregnancies yet. May 2013 - started first round of Chlomid & ovidrel cycle.
  • Sounds like you got a lot of good feedback from PP. I just wanted to add my condolences on the passed dog, congratulations on the new pup and position at work, and share my experience with IUIs. I never noticed any pain whatsoever from the IUI itself. This very well could be because I get very, very strong O pains. I have always been O'ing right at the time of the IUI, so those pains masked any possible discomfort from the catheter or speculum. In spite of the flawless timing with all three of our IUIs, we have had nothing but BFNs. I hope that is not the case for you!! Good luck moving forward!!

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  • amlrunner said:

    I'm so sorry about your puppy! Ours is 13 and going through chemo right now. It's so hard to watch him struggle :(

    I'm sorry about your guy too. That's is one good thing about him passing so quickly & unexpectedly, that we didn't have to watch him struggle with getting older. Big big hugs to you!
    Me: 33 - PCOS & Hypothyroidism DH: 35 - SA is good Married since 2010 (together since 2006) TTC since June 2009 (we knew we would have issues and wanted family right away after we got married). No pregnancies yet. May 2013 - started first round of Chlomid & ovidrel cycle.
  • PPs covered pretty much everything. It's quick and relatively painless...I get some good cramping when they put the catheter in and it lasts maybe about an hour or two for me. I also get some uncomfortable bloating that lasts about a day.

    I'm really glad your boss manned up and told the guy himself; I wanted to give him a swift kick in the gems when you said he was going to make you do it. 

    GL to you!
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