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Starting table foods at daycare?

When did you start letting DC eat table foods at daycare?  If your DC is in daycare, do they provide the meals (that's what they do at my daycare)? 

I am thinking of letting DS start some table foods at daycare next week.  He's still working on his pincer grasp, but he has NO interest in purees anymore.  I can't get him to eat more than a bite before he's frustrated that he's not feeding himself.  If I give him some green beans or a chunk of baked apple, he'll happily work on it on his own (and he'll let me feed him a few bites of real food too).  Does it sound like it's time to let them start giving him some table food?

Also, when you started table food, did you go straight to 3 meals a day or did you start slower?


Re: Starting table foods at daycare?

  • I can't remember exactly when it was, but around 7-8 months I would guess.  Our DC provides food too.  I got a menu every week and circled the foods he could have.  I had been taking him jarred food for breakfast and lunch when we switched to table food.  He didn't have good pincher grasp yet either, but they can still manage.  And his teachers helped him and spoon fed him too.  We started out slow, and worked up as we figured out what foods he could handle.  His teachers were really good about knowing what kinds of things he could and couldn't have, since they were more familiar with the consistency and texture of the food they served.

    He did really good with breads at first, small pieces of fruits and soft veggies.  They tore or cut up things for him if they were too big.  After 9 months we started letting him have meats and dairy.  And he loved mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes from the beginning.

    I love our daycare's menu.  He eats so good there, and it's very balanced.  He doesn't eat well at home, so I don't stress about it too much b/c I know he's getting enough good stuff at DC. 


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