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Hello ladies!  I'm visiting from the Nov 2013 board. My DD is due on the 22.  I really didn't baby wear with my first but really wanting to try it with this one.  What carrier/wrap do you love?  someone bought me the JJ Cole Agility Stretch Wrap and it looks great but I have not clue.  Everyone I know LOVES the moby but it seems a little complicated for me with a new baby.

Any help would be great! 

Thanks :)

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  • I love the ergo carrier. When the baby is still small you use the infant insert with it and it works fine. I even used it while pregnant with my second child so it's pretty comfortable to me.
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  • We have the Boba 3G and absolutely love it. It is easy to use and easy on the back. LO loves it too
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  • I have a ring sling and its great. But I just ordered the K'tan because it looks like it had a bit mote support and everyone I know that has one loves it and says it pretty easy to nurse in.
  • I use a Moby Wrap - it was very intimidating at first, but I practiced the wrap twice and ever since it has been WONDERFUL. It's so easy and my DS calms down when he is in it :)
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  • I used a Sasha Wrap

    It's custom made but pretty affordable. DD lived in it until 3 months, and then recently I've been wearing her again in the Ergo 
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  • Boba 3G or ergo. My LO didn't like the insert but they don't need it for long and she loves it now :)
  • Boba wrap, takes a little but to wrap around you but otherwise its easy and very comfortable for mom and baby!
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  • I love my ergo and k'tan. Both are easy and comfy. K'tan is easier to sit in and more comfy to wear around the house.

  • We have the ergo with the infant insert and I love it.

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  • I use a K'tan and absolutely LOVE IT!!! It took it awhile to get here for whatever reason but I'm so glad we went with this one. I didn't want anything too structured because they looked like they wouldn't be too comfortable to wear around the house. Plus they were crazy expensive and not knowing if our son would even like being in it we didn't want to potentially be throwing money away. The K'tan is so comfy and soft, I often fall asleep on the sofa with my son in it. He loves being all snoodled up with me. Plus you can wear it many different ways as your LO grows.
  • I love my baby k tan
  • I used the BabyBjorn with DS1 and the Ergo with DS2. The BabyBjorn wasn't bad, but the Ergo is so much more comfortable. I really like that it has the strap that goes around your waist to help take some weight off of your shoulders. I would definitely recommend the Ergo.
  • Love my Becco Soiel, with the infant insert, it is sturdy and warm for NYC fall. Also, I like using the moby around the house. It puts her right to sleep.
  • I have the moby which is really nice but it is hard for me to get it tight enough so I don't use it that often. I'm also waiting for the weather to cool down seeing as it is still in the high 80's where I live and my LO runs warm as it is.

  • I love my Moby.  It was easy to get the hang of after watching a Youtube video of how to tie it.  When we go out I tie it on before driving so I can just take LO out of her carseat and get her in the sling.
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  • I love my Moby. Lo does too. It does seem complicated at first, but you get the hang of wrapping it after a few times. I just love how comfy it is.

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  • I love my Lilybaby. I recently got a ring sling. So far I like it, but I'm still getting used to it
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  • I have both the Moby wrap and the Ergo baby carrier. The Ergo baby carrier has an infant insert that many keep mentioning for when you have a "fresh baby" ( AKA Newborn down to 7lbs) The Moby wrap carries baby at around 8 lbs. Using the Moby wrap takes some getting used to. I highly recommend both.
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