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broken blood vessel in 2month old eye

Hi.... I was on the boards a lot when I was pregnant but haven't been since I delivered our babygirl back in August.
Ok so babygirl was 9wks this past Wed. Yesterday we took her to her two month appt. She has a broken blood vessel in her eye... I noticed it about a week ago, asked some moms, googled it, asked my mom and every.single person I talked to said it was nothing to worry about, could be from straining to poop,.crying, coughing, etc. Our pediatrician, who we've been very impressed with, basically said no, babies don't get broken blood vessels in.their eyes at this age and she's concerned about abuse. I was devastated and felt sick to my stomach!!! just want to know if any of you ladies have had little ones that got broken blood vessels in their eyes, AFTER birth... I know it's normal for a vaginal delivery. But like I said, this developed about a week ago.

Re: broken blood vessel in 2month old eye

  • Oh and if you did, what did your pediatrician have to say about it?
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    I don't have personal experience with this and respect that the pedi is taking their obligation seriously I can't image what you are going through. While it's true that it can result from trauma to the head or eye I am concerned that the pedi jumped to that conclusion. There are a host of other plausible non-abusive causes for this.

     Per Mayo clinic: The cause of subconjunctival hemorrhage is usually unknown. However, the following actions may be enough to cause a small blood vessel to rupture in your eye: 
     Violent coughing 
    Powerful sneezing 
    Heavy lifting 

    In some cases, subconjunctival hemorrhage may result from an eye injury, such as from: 
     Roughly rubbing your eye 
    Severe eye infection 
    Eye or eyelid surgery 

    I hope you get this figured out and it isn't an eye infection or something like that because it sounds like your pedi is only concerned about one thing and may miss an obvious reason for LO having it.
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