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Tell me that it gets better! (Sleep post)

I'm sorry I know there are a ton of sleep posts out there but I'm seriously on the verge of going BSC.

DD used to be an amazing sleeper, I could put her in her crib awake and she would babble herself to sleep. On average she slept 9-12 hours straight.

Since exactly september 16th she has been harder to put down and wakes up every single night. It started out with just one MOTN wake up and now it's usually 3.

It just took me 4.5 hours to put her down for the night. She was definitely tired and ready to go to bed at 7pm but she bawls every time I put her in her crib.

Please tell me about your baby that made it through the sleep regression/23rd week leap and is now a sleeping champ! Please!

Re: Tell me that it gets better! (Sleep post)

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