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Not showing and can't feel baby!

I've had 2 miscarriages so may be paranoid but at 16w 2d am not yet showing and have not felt baby move. Breasts are only a tad bigger but aren't sore. I saw 2 ultrasounds, one at 8 weeks and the other at 11 and a half and the baby looked good but now I'm paranoid cause I'm not showing and have not yet felt the baby move. Is this normal???

Re: Not showing and can't feel baby!

  • I don't feel mine yet at 16w but both babies have anterior placentas so I was told it'll be later.
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  • Yes. Everyone's different but that's well within the range of normal. You probably have another appointment coming up soon? Talk to your hcp about your anxiety and let them reassure you.
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  • i am in the same boat! i'm counting down until my appt this next thurs. hang in there & think positive thoughts!
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  • I'm 16wks4days and I'm not really showing and I can't feel the baby move at all. Keep your head up! I'm sure everything will be alright!
  • Same. A co-worker even said to me today, "wow you're not showing at all!" Gah. But I just used my doppler and baby's heart is beating away :) don't worry, it is normal! 
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  • I'm only in the 13 th week but I feel the same way and it's driving me nuts! My husband thinks I'm overly paranoid and I know I have those tendencies but. .. still. ... it's your baby!

  • I'm 18 weeks today, and not really showing yet.  I guess people who know I'm pregnant would say I have a little bump, but otherwise I just look chubby.   I haven't felt anything yet that I can say for 100% certain is baby movement, and I don't expect to for a few more weeks.

    I know that PGAL sucks, especially now when we can't see or feel anything.  Just hang in there:-)
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  • Sadly, this is very normal. I'm a petite to average sized woman and didn't have a bump until 20+ weeks and didn't feel the baby until 18+ weeks. Try to not worry. 



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  • I feel the same way! I tend to worry, and not having any "quantifiable" proof is making me crazy!

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  • Ditto to what everyone else is saying, it's normal, but even though it's normal I do understand how nerve racking that can be... With my first I didn't show nor feel my son until further in my second tri..
  • I had a dr appointment yesterday and asked him about when I would feel baby move. I could see her/ him wiggling around on the US but even if I try my hardest, all I can seem to feel is my pulse. He said some women won't feel it until 22wks. Don't worry... Everything will be okay.
  • I'm 22wk6 days and I didn't officially "pop" until 18 weeks and I didn't feel LO moving until week 20. I was really worried too because I am also pgal but try not to! It really depends on your body type when you'll show, and once I felt a "real" kick I realized I had been feeling them for a while and just didn't know what it was.
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  • If you're worried, I would invest in a doppler. It's really been a comfort for me to get me to my next appt.
  • I'm 15 weeks and can feel little flutters, but that's it, and I'm still not showing. Some women don't start showing for a while... I worry alot too because I lost my first at 7 months, then had a miscarriage, so I totally get the worry part. But yes, that sounds completely normal to me. 
  • I'm the same way - 16 weeks and no flutters, plus I just feel like I've let myself go. No cute and obvioys bump yet! I understand the worry... this is my first pregnancy, and I'm paranoid too. Especially when my MIL keeps asking me, "you haven't felt anything yet?" x_x. Hang I. there!
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  • It takes longer to feel the Baby for the first time! Try not to worry yourself. :)
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