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NYC Baby shower Costs?

Just wondering, for anyone who has thrown a shower or knows the details of their own, how much did/will it end up costing per head? It's so hard finding a location where everything would cost under $4000 (lets be real there is an expensive baby on the way!!)

I don't want it overly fancy but I would like it to be a pretty daytime event... For everyone that answers, can you also answer if you're having it at, restaurant, hall, community center? Any suggestions on inexpensive locations?

(before anyone gets mad at me for throwing my own shower, I'm not, lol... I'm involved in the decision making, but I would like to know the ballpark range)

Re: NYC Baby shower Costs?

  • Hi, where in NYC are you located? I think you should be able to find a decent place and stay right at $4000 or maybe under $4000

  • I have been struggling with the location for the baby shower as well. I am located in The Bronx and can not find any location that I like. Locations in Manhattan are just too pricey. Brooklyn seems to be the happy medium, but would need to travel far to get to the babyshower.  I am going to keep looking, I know there is a place out there I just need to find it.

    Good luck!
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  • The best place for NYC baby showers is if someone hosts at their apartment! Find a friend who has the largest living room and change around the furniture. You will save on the fee for the location and can always use. Fresh Direct for catering!
  • I had my bridal shower at Aleo (it's an Italian restaurant) - they have a private garden you can rent out and it was simply amazing. 
  • Have you tried the local YMCA's just an idea if you want to keep costs down and you can splurge on catering!   I have seem some events at my local where they roll out the round tables cover the chairs and tables and its lovely.

    I don't even know if I can wrap my head around a baby shower, I think I'm too old what do you guys think?   IDK maybe I'll go ahead, are you all planning your own?
  • I'm throwing my own. Finding a place is very hard,and frustrating. I'm trying to stay clam ladies. I'm due August 30. I'm in the Bronx as well.
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    Try asking friends and family if someone's building has some kind of community center. My sister had her baby shower in her friend's grandmother's building. They don't rent out to people outside and the cost was fairly cheap compared to other locations we looked at. Right now the place I really like for mine is $1100 :(
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  • I'm having my baby shower at a place called Eastwood manor. Its in the Bronx. Its really a nice place and for 80 people it came out to a little over $4000. Depending on how many people you're planning to have it may be considerably lower. They provide pretty much everything except for the cake and DJ.
    Community centers while much cheaper can be a pain in the ass since you have to provide everything and decorate as well. So sometimes it may come out being pricey. Good luck finding a place! And when in doubt Google... That's how I ended up finding this place.
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