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My baby cries when daddy watches her

My 4 month old just started to cry when daddy holds her, or kisses her. We both work he works during the day full time and I work at night part time. It has work out great till this week. One day he came home and as soon as he kissed her she started to scream but when I held her she stopped, then when she went to daddy she stared to cry again but as soon as I touched her she calmed down. When I went to work she cried for an hour and was cranky all night. The next night she was napping when I had to leave. When she woke up dad could talk to her and play but as soon as he touched her she started again. If she is lying down by herself she is fine but as soon as he touched her she screamed. We even tried to have the grandma's to help but she does it with them. I notice with anyone other then me she fusses, but if she can touch me or hear me she is fine. Dad has always done bath time, feeding and play time why now she is like this. How can I get her to be okay with other people, she is breaking daddy heart. He thinks she hates him.

Re: My baby cries when daddy watches her

  • This could just be a phase. My ds did this on and off from 0-4 months and now at 7 months he lights up when he sees his dad and raises his hands up to signal he wants to be picked up.
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