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Emergency leave and Mac flights

I've taken Mac flights before but only traveling EML.  My father is really sick and the doctors are saying 2 months at most until he passes.  We live in FL and my dad lives in CA and we want him to see his grandson 1 last time but we can't afford to fly back 2 times(visiting and funeral) so I was thinking of using Mac flights for 1.  I was doing some research and saw that Emergency leave is category 1 but I am confused on how it all works.  Does he have to pass first for it to be considered Emergency leave or is being sick and about to die considered Emergency leave too? My husband is deploying soon so he probably won't be here if and when my dad passes so we all really wanted to go see my dad together now before he deploys. TYIA for your help!

Re: Emergency leave and Mac flights

  • He should ask his supervisor about what constitutes emergency leave.  It could be, due to the circumstances of his upcoming deployment, that he will qualify.  But I'm honestly not sure if there are any regulations about it.  My guess is that there is an element of commander discretion.
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  • You could also contact the terminal itself to ask what documentation they will need to check you in under an emergency status.

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  • I did both of your girls suggestions ty!  My DH's command is really awesome and they said they would approve it as emergency leave due to the circumstances.  I also contacted the flight terminal on the base and they said the emergency leave papers my husband would route up is the proof they need.  Luckily there is a mac flight that would drop us off only 2 hours away from where my dad lives!  Such a huge weight off my shoulders wondering if he would get to see his grandson 1 last time.  TY girls! 
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