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I've already become my mother.

We were just doing some belly time which he hates. He was fussing and I said, "I'm only making you do this because I love you."

Dear God help me.

Good news is I did finally get the smallest push up out of him, and if I put him on his elbows he can hold himself there for a couple of minutes!

Re: I've already become my mother.

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    I actually look at my hands and see my moms hands. I remember her holding my hands when I was little and telling me how soft and "young" my skin was. I feel that way now when I look at DD's cute little hands. I am sure I say things that she says too :) gotta love moms!
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    I am guilty of the same offense. Daily I tell El "sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do like going to the dentist and..tummy time".


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    I find myself doing and saying things that are so my mom all the time. Sometimes it annoys me and sometimes I'm proud! She was/is a great mom!
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    I hear myself say certain things and I think- wow that is so my mom... The funny thing is that she's actually my stepmom so it's not really "genetic," it's just from being around her growing up. I think she's awesome so I don't mind if I turn into her. Ha!

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    Asbromle said:

    I hope I'm half as good a mom as mine was :)

    This. My mom is wonder mom. Also, a single mom. Single moms rock (usually) that's a hard fucking job.
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    Asbromle said:

    I hope I'm half as good a mom as mine was :)

    Yep! This!

    My brothers always say that I'm just like my mom and I always tell them thanks ;) even though they mean it in a smart ass way. I love her so much and she's just the best!


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