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Hallelujiah - we have a NAME.

I was really fearful that we'd have to call our 2nd girl "Fred" - because though we had a short list for girls' names (Abagail, Annabelle, Charlotte, Sophie) - all of which I LOVED... and DH had the pick this time since I trumped him on the first girl... (my Mom died when I was 12 and my first daughter's name was *always* Margaret)?    I had to let him choose.

He narrowed it down to Abagail and Charlotte over 2 weeks ago...and has been making me crazy since.  

Last night he finally said "how're my girls?"   I said "good, I'm exhausted, but Maggie is fine."   he said "and how's Charlotte?"

I said, "you're SURE??"

"yeah, I like how it sounds with our last name."

Phew.   So - Charlotte Emma it is!

Now.   What do you ladies think about the nickname "Charlie" for Charlotte?!


Re: Hallelujiah - we have a NAME.

  • I love the name Charlotte and I like Charlie as a nickname but Charlotte as a stand alone is beautiful. Emma flows so nicely.  Congrats on finding a great name and it must be nice to put a name to conversation. I cannot wait to find out either.
  • Wow, Christine (and DH of course) great pick!  I love it, and I really love the idea of Charlie as a nickname!  Good job!
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  • The name is lovely, and the nickname Charlie is adorable!
  • Charlotte is on our short list, but we'd definitely call her Charlie.
  • Charlotte is old-fashioned but lovely. And Charlie is a cute nickname.

    I like Abigail too?but only spelled the traditional way. For the most part, I prefer names spelled the most common way.

    Though since *I* deliberately changed the spelling of my first name from Robin to Robyn (to stop being teased about "Batman & Robin" in grade school) I shouldn't talk about less popular spellings. 


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  • I love the name!

  • What a relief :-)

    Charlotte is a beautiful classic name and I love Charlie as a nickname.

  • What a lovely classic name!--we named DD (who was 5 weeks early) in the delivery room, so I'm really hoping to be as prepared as you this time around!
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  • Aw, Christine - I LOVE the name Charlotte Emma. Very pretty! And Charlie is such a great nickname - I love how it contrasts with the femininity of Charlotte. (Although I'm thinking Maggie will come up with her own nickname for her little sister. I adore the names that little kids come up with!)
  • Sweet name. I'm jealous, I can't wait to name our little one. Don't know what we'll name it, but that's another story.
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