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Please Help! BF Mamma has low milk supply!

Hello Mamma's,

I need help! From the beginning breast feeding has been a breeze.. Then now, out of no where my milk supply is dwindling. It's more on one side than the other.. But PLEASE I need advice on how to boost it back up and if anyone else has experienced this! Thanks all xx

Re: Please Help! BF Mamma has low milk supply!

  • Eat more, drink more, exercise less.  Those are some of the easy ways.  There are tons of other tricks I would recommend the breast feed board on this site.  They have answered this question many times so you can look through old posts for quick answers!


  • Thank you =Lee=B! I'll check it out now!
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  • Make sure you are getting 65+ grams of protein. Eat oatmeal (not instant), check out mothers milk tea and MotherLove More Milk Plus.

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  • What makes you think your supply is decreasing?
  • You can do lactation cookies, fenugreek, and drink tons of water.  Keep nursing and if you pump, keep that up too!!!
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    Oatmeal (not instant), fenugreek, blessed thistle and lots of water. If you aren't drinking enough or eating enough, your supply will tank. Also, if AF is coming to visit your supply will tank temporarily. Also, pump like crazy!
  • Fenugreek, lactation cookies, more milk plus, mothers milk tea. If its just on one side, maybe pump extra on that side to increase production. It's normal for one side to produce more than the other.
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  • Thank you Mamma's! I've been drinking mothers milk tea and boosted my water, and now we're back in business! :D
  • Fenugreek does take a few weeks to really increase but does help. There is also a prescription medication u can take...can't recall the name. Worked amazing for my friend
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