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Overtired Babes

Do you keep trying to soothe them to sleep? (Trying the 17th different way...) or do you just revert back to your regular routines and eat and play and hope they'll finally fall asleep at some point?

Re: Overtired Babes

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    Our bedtime routine is bath, boob, bed. I would just do what you usually do up to LO bedtime and then stay in the darkened room until they settle and fall asleep. Good luck!
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    If swaddle and a good bouncing doesn't work, I un-swaddle and try a bath or even getting them naked and playing with them on the floor or a bath for about 10 mins. Then I swaddle up again and go for round 2. I call it "refocusing".
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    @laurendag that's been our evening too. Slept for the 30 mins I drove around then woke back up the second I stopped.

    Now we're just gonna play for a little while till DH gets home and start our normal bed time routine. Here's hoping for the best...thanks ladies.
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    Aw poor DH tho that he got screamed at :-( These babies r just too high maintenance! ;-)
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