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MOTN feeding

Not sure what happened but my LO regressed from his 7:30/8-4 sleep stretch, which was wonderful. He now only makes it maybe 4 hours and has to eat off both sides instead of just one. And feedings that only took 15 minutes max now take 30 min. Frustrating. Anyone else?
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Re: MOTN feeding

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    My LO has slept 7 hours straight a literal handful of times in the past 3 months. I'd take the 4 hours and run with it, sometimes...I only get 2.5-3. Sorry you're frustrated.
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    If you browse the past couple of pages there are a good amt of sleep regression threads with lots of others going thru the same thing
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    As of yesterday Logan has decided he needs to eat both sides at every feeding. He only sometimes sleeps through the night so the middle of the night feeding isn't unusual for us however it does take about twice as long the last few nights. While it is a bit frustrating sometimes, he has been a little slow on the weight gain so I am happy to feed more if he needs/wants it.

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