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Our budget is already very tight and I just found out that my insurance premiums are going up $100 a month and co-pays are going from $15 to $25, which means an extra $50 a week for therapy. I am in a panic because we just bought a house. We make too much money for financial assistance that is income based but can't seem to get ahead. We already cut out every monthly expense we could, I try couponing and budgeting groceries, I am not sure what else to do. Will Katie Beckett Waiver help with some of our crazy medical bills or co-pays for therapy? Or do I just max out our flex spending?

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  • I can totally sympathize. We pay out of pocket for DD's therapy because our insurance doesn't cover anything. I feel like we have no wiggle room. Last year we used up the money in our FSA in 5 months. I can't wait until January when we can start using it again.
  • We just applied for Katie Beckett. It works as a secondary insurance so the bills initially get billed to your existing insurance and they cover the rest.
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  • If your state has the katie beckett waiver, then apply ASAP.  Our state has a different waiver system but we were still able to get P to qualify.  What state are you in?  Look up information on the HIPP program and your state.  You can probably just google, "HIPP" and your states name. That is really our saving grace.  The program is set up for premium reimbursement for families who are eligible for medicaid (even waiver medicaid) because you are using the medicaid as secondary. So we get back almost all of our monthly premiums ($630) with the exception of dental/vision, we pay $145/week for health insurance.  Basically, it benefits the state for us to have her medicaid as secondary and keep her on primary insurance because after our 1k yearly cap, medicaid isn't paying anything (in theory) or atleast much less than they would, since medicaid has no cap per preson, per year.  
    Good luck!
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  • Thank you all! We live in Michigan, I will have to look into those options
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