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Homemade carrots ok?

Does anyone know if it's ok to give your baby homemade carrots puréed? I heard it may have nitrates. This is the last veggie we have to introduce and I'm paranoid to give it to him. I'm sure it's ok but wanted others thoughts.

Re: Homemade carrots ok?

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    Actually, my pediatrician gave us a handout at our last visit that listed some "don't make it yourself" foods and carrots was on the list, because of nitrates. The paper said that it was safer to give them commercially prepared carrots, because the baby food companies are aware of this problem and only buy veggies from areas of the country that don't have the nitrate issue. There were a few others on the list, but carrots was the only common one, others were parsnips and turnips I think- I don't know where the paper is now.
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    From what I have heard it is not recommended to give them to babies under 3 months. By the time most babies are fed (4-6 months) they should be ok to handle it. I looked up the information myself because I was not warned against carrots by the doctor.
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    motangmotang member
    edited October 2013
    I read somewhere (I don't remember where, sorry) that you can make them at home, just don't use the water you boiled the carrots in to thin the purée- use new water.

    Edit: it talks about it here.
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    CNJ4EVACNJ4EVA member
    edited October 2013

    Can we ask CNJ4EVA's MIL? I hear she is all about the carrots.

    LMAO. It would be libelous of me to direct anyone to her for advice.

    Seriously though OP, when researching good first foods to try, I didn't find carrots on the no no list for the couple of websites I went to and the pedi said they were fine. However, when I specifically googled it just now I found conflicting opinions.

    Edited because I reread your post and my last statement did not apply for your situation.

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