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Hey- how did the gym go?  Do you go to Golds?  I was thinking of hitting the gym a few times a week now that DS is over 6 weeks and can be in the Kids Club for an hour and I was wondering what you thought!

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    The gym went well!  I may go again this morning with her.  I go to 24 Hour - and the minimum age in the Kids Club is 6 months.  I waited until mow to bring her because I didn't want to bring her when she had her cast on.  Now that it's off - and she's crawling - I figure all should be well.  Thankfully she doesn't have seperation anxiety either. 

    Do they have a seperate guardian for the infants?  Or is it the same person that watches the big kids, too.  That would be my question.  I dropped by the Kids Club a couple of weeks ago just to observe the room, kids and guardians.  I asked a bunch of questions, too.  maybe you should do that before bringing him by. 

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    Yeah, I'm going to drop by there and check it out, probably today.  I read they have a separate area for babies 6 months and younger, so I'm assuming they have a little area as well. 


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