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Baby greetings (after work)

I have been reading about how others love it when they pick LOs up from daycare because of the big smiles they get and was really looking forward to this as being a super bright spot at the end of the day.

Now I'm feeling bummed and nervous because although LO is generally content when I get home and will offer the same periodic smiles we've been seeing for awhile now he doesn't seem to recognize / react to the fact that I've been gone and am now back. He stays at home during the day so the only variable in the situation is me.

Should I be worried that he doesn't seem to notice? At what age did your LOs start being happy when you (rather than any generic adult) returned after an absence?

Re: Baby greetings (after work)

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    Also - DS is 12 weeks.
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    DS is 11 weeks and he just stares at me when I get home. They're still young and figuring (sp?) everything out. Do not worry! He loves his mama!


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    This makes me feel better - I'm happy that my absence isn't causing distress and will just have to wait until he gets a bit older for happy reunions.

    @nkaeding - I think you've described my current situation exactly. I still get smiles from initiating our regular interactions (just not by only walking in the door) so I will just content myself with that.

    Thanks everyone!
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    DD is 3 1/2 months and I don't think she notices either.  She smiles when I go and get her but she smiles all the time when I talk to her or anyone.  I'll bet soon that'll change tho!



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    The CDC says it's not an issue until 6 months. DD smiles when I get home, but it's likely because I'm smiling at her. Babies don't have object permanence so when something or someone is gone from view, they don't know that it's still there (just somewhere else). 

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    Our in home daycare lady said 6 mo is when they can recognize faces and that is when separation anxiety starts. :( I guess enjoy it before it gets hard and LO cries when you leave?
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