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baby daddy makes me crazy

I have had no contact with bd for a few blissful months. Out of no where he texts me monday night saying he misses me and wants us to be a family with ds. When i said no, the next day he started texting me saying hes going to get a lawyer and get a court order so i have to move back. Now today he texts me saying hes sorry he didnt mean it.

Fuuuuuuck. I just want to be left alone. I am so over him pmsing like this. I cant wait for him to leave me alone again

Re: baby daddy makes me crazy

  • Change your phone number.   ;)

  • God i really need to. I already blocked him on facebook.
  • yea, i'd block him or change your number.
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  • That's how it is with my BD. He's gone for a few months and then "I MISS YOU I'M SO SORRY I HATE MYSELF I WANT TO BE PART OF OUR DAUGHTER'S LIFE PLEASE! I'm getting a lawyer!" and then nothing...

    I'd change my number, but his mom has my number and if I change it, I have to tell her and if I tell her, she'll end up giving it to BD anyway so there is no point.  Outside of my phone number, he's blocked from FB and any other social media. Yay, boys... because, if they were real men, they would actually be there for their kids... 
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  • And when I say "be there for their kids" I mean be a stable parent. Not a bi-polar pre-teen girl.
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  • Im sure i can change my number and hed never notice. Hes already dropped off the face of the earth. My son doesnt need this crap. I agree @Roxalot these kids need dads not bipolar teen age girls who lie.
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