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Dr. Skeete and Broward General reviews

Hi ladies, looking for some feedback on Dr. skeete. Have any of you had experience with her for delivery or currently using her? I have my first prenatal appointment with her the end of this month. Also, with my first, I delivered at holy cross, but with Dr. Skeete, I will be delivering at Broward General. How is that hospital for labor and delivery? Holy Cross has the best nurses so hoping Borward is just as great. Thanks for your help!

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  • Dr. Skeete is AMAZING!!! And BROWARD HANDS down!!  I had to most amazing visits with Dr. Skeete and broward
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  • Me, too!! I LOVE Dr. Skeete. My husband is insanely difficult to please (we've had to change pediatricians twice because of his pickiness) and when I asked him if we should use Dr Skeete again, his response was, "Are you crazy? She's amazing!! We'll never find another doctor like her!"
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