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did you give DC a baptism gift from you and DH?

I know she'll get lots of things from other people, but if we DO get her something it will need to be small but special.  I'm going to a Christian store this week to look around, but if you did purchase something for your DC, I'm curious what others have done....


Re: did you give DC a baptism gift from you and DH?

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    Nope.  And perhaps this is rare, but he didn't receive many gifts from anyone else either.  But we didn't have godparents for him, so that eliminated people who might feel obligated to give him a gift.  Oh, wait, my parents did give him a silver cup with his name engraved on it (a family tradition).  DH's family didn't give him anything.

    He got a candle and the cloth that was used to wipe his head from the church.  Those are good enough keepsakes in my book.

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    No, we didn't.  My parents gave me a baby cross when I was baptised ... and then I lost it (my necklace that it was on feel off) while walking between classes on the TAMU campus.  :(  My parents gave her a cross of my grandmothers ... and hopefully she won't lose it like I did.  I still feel terrible.
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    No, I feel like it would have been a waste of money. She wasn't old enough to care or remember and I didn't want to have to hang onto something for a number of years until she does. Even for my own 1st Holy Communion I recall getting a lot of little gifts. The only thing I still have is a little "My 1st Bible" and I don't even remember who gave it to me. We did put an additional $25 in her savings account with everyone elses checks for her Baptism.

    I think most of the time as parents we make purchases because it makes us feel good. If you want to buy a fancy dress for your child to wear to a party or something, that's fine. But we shouldn't kid ourselves that it's really for the baby's benefit. My daughter would rather be naked! But if it makes you smile and brings you joy, by all means go for it! Really at this age, almost all gifts are like that right? =)

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    We got DD a book called Today I was Baptized.  It's about why and what Baptism is and then has pages at the end to record memories from the day.  I thought it was kinda neat and something that would be fun to go through with her when she's older.
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    No we didn't. ?I'm sure we'll give him something religiously meaningful when he's older, like for his first holy communion and confirmation.?
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