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XP: From Cristina<3Whit

Hey y'all....I just got a note from C<3W (her computer died so all she has for internet is her blackberry & it's not very nest-post-friendly).

She wants to say thanks for all the love....but could we purdy-please DD the posts regarding her news (or at least edit them to remove any incriminating details)....she's trying to keep things on the hush-hush from her co-workers.

Thanks from Cristina!!!


Re: XP: From Cristina&amp;lt;3Whit

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    I DDed the one on the main board. Do her coworkers spy on her via the nest?
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    Thanks for the help MrsMillerTime & Bobcatsteph. I dont know how I've lived without a computer in the past but not having one now really bites!!

    Yes, thank you for all the warm thoughts and encouragement on the main board.  And yes, some of my female coworkers have nest accounts and occassionally come on to the board, but they dont know about the baby board!! hehe. Hubby and I dont plan on telling work people until absolutely the last minute.  I'll keep the announcements to the baby board- its safer.

    P.S. in case you're wondering what the heck is going on- hubby and I are expecting our first little one!

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    Oh, okay. I'm so glad my immediate coworkers don't know what the nest is (at least that I know of)!

    Congrats again! When is your first appointment?
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    Two of my coworkers are young women who married here in Austin, so they link to the nest because they were on theknot.  The other day I heard them chat about some article they read on thenest and made a mental note to just becareful about my postings.

    My first official appointment is around the end of January around the 8 week mark.  But technically yesterday was my first appointment.  I made an appointment to see Dr. Phillips just as a new patient and as a gynecologist, not knowing I was pregnant.  The night before my appointment I took a test because I was leery that I had not started my cycle and sure enough a positive, so when I went in to see Dr. Phillips they took a blood test and confirmed.  They loaded me up with reading material and pre-natal vitamins to try out and send me on my way with lots of congrats and hooplah.{it was an awesome visit}  The timing was quite perfect and ironic. 

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