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PSA for those with babies who wont take a paci

At 2 months I tried every brand of paci there was praying that LO would take one. He wouldn't.

Then by accident DH gave him one that was 6 mo+ and he loved it. I called my pedi, and he told me that it was completely fine. Max is big for his age, and it's easier for him to hold on to the bigger soother. The pedi also said that EBF babies usually do better with bigger ones because it's similar to breastfeeding.

Max will now take any brand of paci, as long as it's 6+ and I'm sleeping 3 hours longer because of it! I needed to share :)

Re: PSA for those with babies who wont take a paci

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    I'm so jealous. I'll have to try the larger size. I'm desperate. One of the twins will hike up her swaddle and suck on that. Today I had her laying on a swaddle on her play mat and he rolled to her side, scooped up a handful of blanket and put her thumb in her mouth to suck. With the swaddle. But no binkie?!? Could she be anymore dangerous?
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    Good to know!

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    Worth a shot. I'm desperate for a nipple break!


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