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STM's when will my body recover?

I had an emergency c-section 04/08 and when I had my stitches removed my incision completely opened. The incision finally healed but I still have a dull aching pain in my lower abdomen radiating down through vagina and upper thighs. it feels just like I am in my 3rd trimester! My doc says I just need toexercise that muscle. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this normal?
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Re: STM's when will my body recover?

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    I feel perfectly normal except the numbness I still have near the incision.  But I didn't have my incision re-open at all.  Mine was glued shut, so no need to remove a thing. 

    How much of an emergency was your emergency?  Mine was classified as an emergency too, but it was pretty relaxed, like, we'll squeeze you in between cases that are scheduled, not rush to the OR and knock you out and get babies out immediately kind of emergency.  If you had the second kind, then perhaps the incision was more involved, larger, something, but radiating pain?  That sounds odd, or like maybe some of your nerves got crossed?  I had extrordinary pain in my ankle after surgery because of that.  If I touch in one spot, I'll feel it in another spot a few inches away.  It's really strange, and the sensation took about a year to get used to and where it doesn't bother me anymore.  It used to come across as pain.

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    I also had an emergency c-section (like 20 people in my OR, including 3 anesthetists). I don't have any pain except when DS steps right on my scar - that kind of hurts.

    Your pain doesn't sound normal to me, but I'm not an expert. 
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