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Center city child care options

Hi, just discovered I'm pregnant with our first -- much sooner than we anticipated, so I already feel behind the ball on planning. 

I'm due mid-June and the plan is for me to go back to work full time in Sept. 

I have no idea how to evaluate using daycare centers vs. a nanny vs. whatever options exist. 

Any suggestions on where to start looking at local options? (I live and work in CC, so that area is ideal but I can move somewhat out of that range for the right place.)

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Center city child care options

  • We used a nanny for the first year while I went back to work part time we just werent comfortable with day care yet, but now our DS is enrolled in a small day school which we love, they only take children a year and older so this was the other reason that a nanny for the first year made sense for us.  Are you in the Rittenhouse area? We are in Old City and so is the school DS goes to, its amazing but probably outside your ideal area...

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  • I live in Rittenhouse and work near the Gallery -- so almost anywhere in CC is pretty convenient. 

    We can't decide between nanny and day care. They both have pluses and minuses. 

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  • Myspace daycare is a good place. They are off of broad street.
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