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My sister's shower is in 3 weeks. Right now I only have 10 people RSVP'd..still waiting to hear from a few, but it will be very small. Against my advice, my mother chose to book it at a venue that has a 25 person minimum in place (I had suggested hosting it at my home since I knew it would be a smaller group).

My mother is irritated about being stuck paying the extra money and upset about being lost in a large space so I am looking for suggestions on how I can make up the $$ differerence and make the shower extra special since so many people aren't attending. My sister is very simple, doesn't like things overdone.One thought I had was setting up a mocktails station because not only will that take up additional space in the room, I am hoping it will also towards the 25 person minimum. Any additional ideas are appreciated!

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Re: sister shower advice

  • When is the rsvp deadline? How many did you invite? Since you have so much time can you invite some more people?

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  • The shower is Nov 2 and the RSVP date is Oct 19. My mother is really irritating me with this. If she had just listend to me in the first place and let me host at my house there would be no problem! She actually asked me yesterday to invite some of MY friends. I nearly hung up on her with that one! There were 30 people invited, but a large number live out of state so I told her they weren't going to come..and of course she never mentioned the 25 person minimum until now when I told her about all the No's I've received.

    Regarding the no alcohol question, my sister's MIL is a recovering alcoholic so it's because of her.. 

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  • Small showers are fun! Please don't feel the need to invite extra people just to fill space! Mocktails could be cute. If I were you, I'd wait until I had a final headcount and then look at the group you have and try to come up with something you think would be a hit for that crew. Keep in mind what you said about your sister, that she doesn't like things overdone. *And by wait for the final headcount, I mean wait until a few days after the RSVP date and then phone those whom haven't responded to see if they are coming. You'll still have a good week or two to finish planning.
  • Regarding the no alcohol question, my sister's MIL is a recovering alcoholic so it's because of her.. 

    Unless she is extremely unstable she has certainly been places that serve alcohol and has coped with it before.   It's a fairly unusual alcoholic who hasn't come to terms with the existence and prevalence of alcohol in our world.  Have you asked your sister if MIL can deal with alcohol being in the room?  I wouldn't just assume that you can't serve alcohol because an alcoholic will be there.
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  • Mocktails idea sounds fun to me.  I am making virgin sangria for my sister's shower in November (she loves sangria!)  If she doesn't like things over done she probably would not be onboard with a chocolate fountain, I guess.  I received one as a wedding gift so we have set a special table up to use it at a lot of my sisters and cousins showers.

    If it is something your crowd might be into, you could set up a table separate from the tables you will be eating at with supplies to decorate onesies, bibs, or headbands (if baby is a girl).  That would help fill a little space and be an added optional activity.  I know it's not necessarily a popular idea here, but it's an idea.  My cousin had a "photo booth" at her bridal shower where they had a digital camera set up on a tripod and a table of props and they took pictures of everyone as they arrived (could be made into a fun photo book later).  Neither one of those things would help go towards your 25 person minimum charge, of course, but they would take up space.
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  • You still have the entire week for RSVPs.  In my experience, a lot of people tend to respond at the last minute.  Hopefully you'll get closer to the 25 person minimum.


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  • My party is this sat and people are RSVP'ing still!!! My mom sent out about 60 invites (inlaws and my family, also divorces and remarrys=so many) she has maybe 25 people who have responded!
    It's just the way it is now, people don't rsvp and I am not at all saying I approve but they just don't!!!!
    Last year when I threw my sisters we invited a ton of people and maybe 20 showed up? Even people who weren't invited came with people who were! It's 2013 people don't believe in etiquette.
    Good luck!!
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