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15m/o nursing again

he self weaned a month ago...but poor baby has croup and has been begging to nurse again... so we've been nursing a time or two a day for the last few days.  On one hand I had finally come to terms with my bf'ing days being over (he's our last)... but I have to admit, I'm enjoying the cuddlebug time... I know it won't last. 

Re: 15m/o nursing again

  • Aw...that just goes to show how wonderful it is for them.  I hope he gets well soon. 

  • wow - are you still lactating after a month?!
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    wow - are you still lactating after a month?!


    I doubt much... I squeeze a get a little shot.  but I had no letdown. I think it was mainly for comfort, although I did hear some swallows. 

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