Pregnant after 35

all these NT responses are making me nervous...

when i had my NT weeks ago i was thrilled that dr. reported baby looked healthy and my bloodwork was "normal" that i see all these .9 results for measrements, my 1.7 seems really high and close to "not normal". 

 just venting my anxiety.  thanks for listnening.

Re: all these NT responses are making me nervous...

  • I think anything under 3 is normal if I remember correctly.....don't stress you're fine!
  • Yep...anything under 3 is great.  Don't worry about whether your numbers match up to other people's.  You'll drive yourself crazy.
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  • My first daughter measured 1.8 and has a vocabulary at 23 mos that would blow your mind! 

    My second had a 1.4 and I was thrilled.

    NO WORRIES!! :)


  • I had a 1.7 measurement, and opted not to do the bloodwork. He was born perfectly healthy. ?:- )
  • This is why you should not rely on the boards for medical advice or anything remotely relating to medical advice. 1.7 is completely and totally normal. My measurement w/ my 2nd baby was 5.5 mm. Now that's not normal.
  • I just had my NT scan yesterday, and the reading was about 1.7 mm.  The doc told us that is totally normal.

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • Our reading was 1.7, the genetic counselor said that they only worry if the reading is 3.25 or above.  Don't let all of the worried posters bother you.  :)
  • I will say, however, reading all of your posts about NT scan results are quite informative to me. I would never have understood the ratios and I feel better prepared to hear the results when I have mine.

    So I for one am grateful for your experiences and pray that mine?exactly 3 weeks from today?will go well.


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  • Ditto robynlesley. My test is on January 19.
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  • Go read my post above.  I would give anything to have your results.  Congratulations.  Best wishes.  Don't worry.  : )
  • thanks for listening.  i know that it is silly to compare and although i do like hearing about other people's experiences, i know that a message board is not a place to get medical info.  every now and then the pregnancy anxiety just gets to me. 
  • I have found that pregnancy thus far is one big worry so you are not alone!
  • It's fine.  It's 2.6 or more when they start to worry.  DD's was 1.5 and this one was 1.6.  So don't worry.

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • I had a 3.6, which was outside of normal and everything turned out fine!
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