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PBK prefix trick: save big $$$

I found this on Baby Bargains.

It works and then it doesn't but if you are planning on buying it is worth a shot.

Find something you like, add it to your cart, copy the item number, paste it into the search at the top of the page, remove the prefix, the first 2 numbers before the dash and add 68, hit enter and sometimes a cheaper price will pop up.

I just bought Inara a toaster for kitchen set we are planning on for next year for $19.99 FS, retail is $49.00. This is brand new item to PBK. The mixer used to work but it doesn't anymore. I thought about it and then it was gone Sad

The pink tea set is $27.99, retail is $69.00 - still thinking on this one because it does not include FS, but if you say I should buy it I will Wink.

The workbench is on sale too and I found 85 inch long canopies set of 2 for $19.99 if anyone has a canopy bed.

So next time you are buying at PBK try it. Do me a favor and post what you find! I have already tried it on their kitchen sets and nadda Wink

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