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Franklin Area Pediatrician ?

I am a FTM and am not sure how to go about deciding on a pediatrician. Any recommendations for the Franklin/Cool Springs area?

Re: Franklin Area Pediatrician ?

  • Dr.Carr with pediatric Associates of Franklin is wonderful! Also they always have appointment times that work great and we never have to wait!
  • I was looking at that practice so thank you so much!!!
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  • No problem :). Dr.Carr came highly recommended and we love him! He listens well and answers all our questions. His NP Leah is awesome as well! P.s. Love your name, My daughters name is Ellie!
  • I'm late to this post, but we use Harpeth Pediatrics and have been really happy with them.
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  • Late I post, but we love all the dr.s at Brentwood Children's clinic and I have friends that love harpeth pediatrics
  • I ended up at Brentwood children's :) I love dr moss!
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