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Don't touch my baby!!!

So I have been getting pretty paranoid about whooping cough and the flu with the cold weather starting.... I got my vaccines last week and DH will probably get his next week (but definitely before LO gets here) but I am still so worried about taking him out and about for the holidays.  We have so many family christmas parties and I know people will want to hold him....  

I feel like I am going to look like a crazy, overprotective mother and DH will probably not back me up.  But would it be so bad to not let people hold him/ only keep him in the infant carrier at bigger parties?

Also any tips for keeping him protected? If anyone does hold him they will have to wash their hands first but that is all I've got
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Re: Don't touch my baby!!!

  • You will look like a crazy, overprotective mother.

    And that is okay. :)

    Keep the hand sanitizer close by, obviously don't let anyone with visible illnesses hold him, and stay out of the thick of things -- hang on the periphery as much as you can. That's about all I've got -- DS1 was born just before Christmas too and we did make it through without a sniffle, it really ended up being a non-issue.
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  • I didn't allow anyone but immediate family hold ds for two months after he was born. They had to wash their hands. I carried purel around with me but soap and water is better. Do what's best for you and lo. Don't be scared of what others think. I had some people get upset with me.I didn't care tho cause ds didn't get sick till he was 9 months. I didn't completely shield him since I let my parents and sister hold him and dh parents and siblings hold him but left it at that till he was 2 months old and had some vaccines. Communication between you and dh is important to be able to stick to what you want. GL
  • I would also say wearing would be best. I'm not too worried for my LO as I'm antisocial and a big bitch anyway. The thing that worries me is I know that my hospital has a policy that no children under the age of 10 are allowed in the L&D ward except HEALTHY( totally understand) siblings. DS1 is only 2 and goes to daycare every day so he's always got a cough or a runny nose. It will kill me if the nurses ask my mom to take him home and not allow him there.
  • I have found that once babies are here, most women/moms understand why you're not passing the baby around like a germ collection basket. They'll actually support you against other people sometimes. You do still have to be on top of the "did you wash your hands?" and stuff though. Be a protective mama. It's natural.

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  • We took DD2 to a big fam Thanksgiving party when she was a baby. FIL asked to hold her and was given strict instructions not to pass her around.  He did. She got sick. DH and I took turns staying up with her for days straight because the poor baby couldn't breath.  Guess who wasn't ever put in charge of DD again for a second?  Those ILs. No babysitting, ever. Both parents were local and mine became the babysitters. This caused some issues but DH was even more adamant about it than I was.  (And can I point out FIL is a DR with a specialty in infectious disease?  Oh the irony. He thinks exposing babies to germs is good for them.  Last I heard pertussis is not good for babies.)

    Anyhow, babywearing seems like a good idea!  I'd try to get DH on board though because it will make the job easier.  
  • I'm all for baby wearing in this situation. A moby wrap or ergo where their nice and close and hidden from view seems like it would keep people at bay.

  • I was the crazy "bitchy" mom who didn't want people touching lo's hands or kissing them on the face. I also didn't ever offer "Would you like to hold her" nope.

     DH thought I was being a little controlling till lo got sick the first time. Then he became the "Who got her sick, what were they thinking getting close to her?".

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  • I'm so glad this post was on here. I love these tips from the others. I have been kind of worried about this myself. DH has a big family and they will all want to be grabby and touchy. I will definitely be using my Ergo at the holiday parties now.
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  • Maybe this is going to be a UO but I would be getting a sitter if I were going to a large party.  I'd rather defend myself on not bringing him than be made to feel like a craZY, overprotective FTM.  Someone would pull out the "oh you just wait until your next one, you will change your tune" and I'd lose my shit on them and be kicked out of the party.  I don't need anyone making me feel crazy or stupid for protecting my child.
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  • everyone thought i was crazy, and i didnt care. i wore DD in my moby wrap at gatherings and insisted that close family who came to our house wash their hands and not touch hands/kiss face. she made it through almost the first year cold free so being a crazy overprotective mom was worth it! do what feels right to you...
  • The body carrier for baby is a great idea. We also learned in one of our classes that nicu moms are instructed to "smooch up" their babies after people touch them so the germs get on you, then you build antibodies to the foreign germs which are then passed on to baby through your breast milk. The holiday germs and cold season make me nervous too!
  • I've always had my babies during flu season so I kept them away out of the public for 6 weeks. My biggest pet peeve was when people reached in/over and touched their hands. I think if you can keep them swaddled and tucked away in carrier or baby seat/carry cot. Ppls hands may still find their way to your baby's cheeks. So annoying! My first baby never got sick but my second got bronchitis at 3 months and had to go to the hospital and get X-rays. They didnt let me come in with her- it wasn't fun at all :(
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