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Prenatal pilates/yoga and other good workouts - UWS preferred

Anyone have any recommendations for good classes, preferably on the UWS, for prenatal workouts? I take Pure Barre regularly, and have done Physique 57 in the past, and plan to return for the prenatal classes so I can jump back in to the regular classes. But also looking for a couple of good classes that will teach me good, safe exercises and modifications to protect my abs and back, but still keep me in top shape for as long as I can manage it. I'm just at the end of my first tri,  so I have a ways to go, but I hope and plan to work out for as long as possible up to the birth. Thanks!
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Re: Prenatal pilates/yoga and other good workouts - UWS preferred

  • It's not a class but a friend gave me the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project workout DVDs and they are great- a new DVD for each month of your pregnancy. Destination Maternity on 56th and Madison also has a great prenatal pilates on Tuesday evenings- highly recommend!
  • I'm 27 weeks and practice at Prenatal Yoga Center on the UWS on 72nd. After reading mixed online reviews about PYC, I'm happy with my choice. It's great being in the company of other expectant moms who range from 1st to 3rd trimester. The instructors (many of whom have kids or are expecting, too) are well-trained in prenatal and post-natal yoga techniques. PYC also offers classes and workshops for moms and couples. It's really convenient and the prices for the educational courses are on-par, if not better, than some other other places downtown or on the UWS. 

    Before choosing PYC I took a few classes at 1) Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness and 2) New York Loves Yoga. Both are in the 80s on the UWS. As an expectant mom I found that while I liked instructors and classes at both studios, it was challenging to enjoy the classes because I couldn't keep up with the level at which I practiced before getting pregnant. I didn't care about keeping up with other students and practiced safely staying mindful of what felt good for me (and my baby) but sometimes I left not feeling renewed or satisfied. 

    During my first trimester I tried YouTube videos and rented DVDs from the library for my at-home practice when I was really nauseous. Elena Brower's prenatal and post-natal DVD was my favorite but I don't remember the name. She's the founder of Virayoga where I've also take classes in the past. 

    Pre-pregnancy I had a vigorous yoga practice (90-minute advanced classes, 4-5 days/week) at Laughing Lotus and plan to return to that studio after doing post-natal at PYC (and of course, getting cleared by my OB for exercise). 

    I'm a yogi of 15+ years and I also did weightlifting and cardio, and took Pilates and other classes at my gym before I got pregnant.

    Hope this helps!
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  • Thanks everyone! Great advice, I'll look into PYC, it's not too far from where I live. Also will check out the class at Destination Maternity. I know what you mean about trying to take regular classes, some stuff you just can't modify that easily, so you feel like you have to sit out and then you're losing out on part of your workout! The prenatal classes seem to at least help teach you healthy and safe modifications, and still give you a full workout.
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  • Any good Pre natal classes on midtown east?
  • Yes! Try Karma Kids Yoga! they are all prenatal yoga & pilates.

    really great. you can find them on 


    good luck and feel great! :-)

  • I feel silly, I just started a post on this very subject. I'm UES, has anyone had experience with Pure Yoga prenatal/regular yoga classes?
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