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Anyone seen Dr Laura Cha on the UES??

Just curious if anyone has been seeing Dr Cha for their prenatal/OB care? Would particularly love to hear about anyone's experience with her on the day of your delivery. I found her through my insurance but would like some feedback from you ladies... Thanks!

Re: Anyone seen Dr Laura Cha on the UES??

  • She is my doctor. And I had a miscarriage in Jan. She called me several times to check out if I was ok after dnc. I felt like she really cared what happened to my husband and me. After I got pregnant again, I went back to her. I can't give the feedback for the delivery experience but I can tell you that I trust her. I would feel comfortable with Dr. Cha when I am in labor.  
  • I see Dr. Cha, and I like her.  She was my doctor all throughout my pregnancy, and whenever I had a question and sent her an email, she was really responsive.  She is very laid back, so that really calmed me down.  She also followed up with me about various medical things, so that was good.  When I delivered at Mt. Sinai, my delivery was so quick that Dr. Cha actually arrived in the room maybe one minute after I gave birth.  But it was nice that Dr. Cha and the Mt. Sinai doctors all knew each other, because they kept her informed about everything as it was happening.  I would definitely recommend her.

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