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BFing moms on antidepressants

Would you please talk to me about your experience breast-feeding while on antidepressants? So far I have been refusing medications because I'm breast-feeding but lately I have been thinking that maybe I should reconsider. First of all what has your doctor talked to you about as far as the medications transferring into your milk? Also has anybody noticed a dip or change in your supply with the medications? I make only exactly what I need for exclusive breast-feeding and pumping a stash with extra milk is very hard for me. If I experienced a dip in my supply it could be a big problem.

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Re: BFing moms on antidepressants

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    I am on 10mg of Celexa.  I was told by DD pedi, my MD, and the pharmacist that all antidepressant meds go into breast milk. The amount is minimal but can cause decreased feeding and increased sleepiness in baby.  I haven't noticed any side effects to DD except bigger pupils (mine do the same when on antidepressants).  I did not notice any change in my milk supply.  Everyone I talked to said you have to weigh the good and bad.  The harm to baby is minimal and if momma needs the meds then it's best to be on them.  I picked them up from the pharmacy and it took me 3 days to actually start taking them.  Good luck with whatever you decide to do.  I know it's a hard decision. 
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    ramy3695 said:
    I take 50mg Zoloft daily. My MW prescribed it because it does not transfer into breast milk. She said something about the molecules being too large or something like that. I haven't noticed any changes in supply.
    This is me. If you look on Kellymom I think "she" explains that the study on zoloft was that it wasn't traceable in all breastmilk. Here is a copy and paste from the site:

    Zoloft is the “best drug choice so far”. It has a low, low transfer rate to breastmilk (17-173 ug/liter) in mothers taking up to 150 mg/day. In one excellent study of 11 mother/infant pairs, the zoloft was undetectable in 7 of the 11 breastfeeding infants’ serum and minimal in the other infants. In two other studies of one and three mother/infant pairs respectively, zoloft was undetectable in the plasma of all 4 infants. A theoretical concern with Zoloft is that some babies may not gain weight as rapidly or as well when breastfed by moms on Zoloft; so weight gain should be monitored and dosage tweaked as necessary.

    I haven't had any issues with weight gain or supply *as of yet* and have been taking it since LO was a week old.

    ETA: If anything I think it would help the supply because frankly stress/anxiety has hurt my supply in the past (with DS1) when I wasn't on zoloft.
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    I'm on fifty of Zoloft daily and have been since day one since I had the traumatic birth experience. My supply is so fantastic I am regularly engorged and can often pump five ounces in five minutes. Isaac is gaining weight like a champ. He does seem a little depressed when I forget to take the Zoloft

    Just kidding about that last part. Seriously though, I am doing so well in spite of my horrid circumstances, I have to believe that the meds were undoubtedly the right choice for me. Good luck with your decision.
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