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Who will you have in delivery room?

I am not sure if I want my mom in the room when LO arrives. I am super close to her but also feel it should be a special moment for me and the hubs. Any advice?

Re: Who will you have in delivery room?

  • It will be just DH and I. One of my best friends will be at the hospital to take photos after delivery is complete. My mother had requested to be in the delivery room, but DH and I wanted it to be an experience for just the three of us (me, him & LO). I think my mother was a little hurt at first, but she came around quickly and has been supportive ever since I told her.

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  • It's going to just be me and my husband.

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  • In the delivery room I just want it to be the DH and I. Everyone else can be in the room while I labor though.
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  • I think it will just be my husband also.  
  • The plan is to have H and my mother. If she doesn't make it in time (she lives across the country) then it will just be H

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  • I'm having a repeat c-section so it will just be Dh in there, but even if I was having a vba2c I think I would still just have Dh. 
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  • Just my SO

  • I want my hubby, mom and sister. And doula if I decide to hire one.

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  • It will be DH and possibly my mom. She was there with dd and was a big help. If I go into labor over night, it will just be DH and I.



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  • My mom, sister and H will be in the room with me. We've talked about this arrangement and are comfortable with it. All three were in the room when DS was born, too.

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  • If my sister is in town (she lives cross country, but will be here for three weeks before my due date for my shower and then Christmas), it will be her and DH. We are still deciding about a doula.
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  • just my dh, his parents and mine will be in there for the first part of labor, then I'm kicking them out. and I don't want more than them as far as visitors until we go home. visitors will be to stressful.
  • Just DH and I but that is because I am a RCS. Otherwise I would have my mom there.

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  • Just DH and I, and it'll be just us for an hour or two afterwards too. 

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  • It will be just me & hubby. I think it should be a moment for the two of you, not everyone else.
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  • I has DH and my mom in the room with me the first time and thank god my mom was there. This time I have a scheduled c section so I doubt they will let my mom in the room. If they would I'd like her in there. I want her to have a positve outcome this time too.
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  • It will just be my hubby and I. It's taken us nine years to get here and we want that moment to be private.
  • Just DH and I will be there. 

  • I've had it both ways, several of my close girlfriends and just my SO and I. I really preferred the time after when it was just my SO, LO and I. I didn't have to share her with anybody. I got to look her over, my SO and I got our time together as well as our time together as a new family unit. There wasn't the additional chaos of extra people or the need to keep them occupied. It was jut simplier.
  • I'm going to have my dh and my mom. My husband doesn't do well with pressure and situations he can't control, so I think it will be good for my mom to be there as extra support.

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  • It will be my DH and my mom.
  • My mom will be up at the hospital with my dad (and our two boys) they can be in the room with me but when it comes time to pushing everyone out!!!!!!!! Except my dh!
  • Just me and DH. My MIL asked to be there but honestly I'd rather be by myself than have her there!
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  • DH and my mom. For DD1, I had DH, my mom, and my sister. My sister moved out of state though.

    DH wouldn't leave my side if someone wasn't there to be with me and I want him to be able to take a breather, use the restroom, and eat without feeling guilty. Also, if something is wrong with LO, DH will stay with her wherever she goes and my mom will stay with me. If something goes wrong with me and LO is fine, DH will stay with me and my mom will stay with LO.

    My BFF is going to school to be a nurse and wants to work in L&D. She didn't get to see any vaginal births during her L&D rotation though. I told her she can be there for this LOs birth if she wants. I have no issues with her being there.
  • It will be just DH and I. Our families can come a few hours after she is born. I want enough time to do skin to skin and have her first feeding before we have everyone showing up.

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  • Just DH and my doula

    I love my mom, but sometimes she stresses me out.  I don't need any extra anxiety! 
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  • I'm very close with my mother so her, my Nana and boyfriend will be there. Mom is an MA who worked OB/GYN and my Nana just retired as a L&D nurse so I'd be more comfortable with them there. :)
  • It's going to be just DH and I. My mom is very upset about this as my older sister let her in the delivery room, but I feel like this is a moment for us, not everyone.  Before pushing though, we'll probably let my mom, DH's parents, and my sister come in if they want. 

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  • For the actual pushing/birth it will be just me and DH (and a whole slew of hospital personnel) because we want it to be a private moment for just the two of us. During labor my mom and my sisters (or whomever else wants to come) will be able to visit with me. It's nice to have someone else there to give DH a break when he needs one while still reserving the birth itself for the two of us.
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  • It will be just me and DH. I am also super close to my mom - but she even believes that's a time for just the two of us to experience. She would like to be at the hospital in the waiting room, which I told her was fine, but that she would prob have to wait about an hour after LO was born.

  • Only DH. My MIL hinted that she wanted to join us because she is "psychic" and can see if the baby is a boy or girl, but only if she is in the room during labor. Ha! Nice try.

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  • Just DH and I.



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  • It's always just been hubby and I. Hoping that the timing works so my mom can come up and take care care of the kids while I'm in labor.

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  • My cousin who is a midwife in England will be coming around the middle of December or beginning of January. If she is here when I go into labour, she will be in the delivery room with me, along with my husband. She will be there just for support and for keeping me calm since she knows what to expect and can manage my anxiety. My husband can manage my anxiety but know if something goes wrong, or unexpected, he might need some calming of his own.

    If we have them at the beginning of December (which I'm a little bit anticipating), it will just be DH and I. 

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  • DH and I. Mom and I are super close but I think 1 person is enough for me.

  • I'm just hoping DH can be present this time. First time around I was under general anesthesia and they wouldn't let him in :( It still saddens me that DH wasn't there and I was totally unaware of my son's birth.

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  • chicki1012chicki1012 member
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    Husband and my mom. My mom and I are really close but she does live 5 hours away, so we will see if she makes it or she will stay around the time baby arrives. She is also going to take the pictures right before and after delivery
  • A nurse or midwife, DH and myself- preparing to keep it simple.
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  • My husband and I.

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  • I am only having DH in the delivery room with me. I don't want to deal with anybody else.


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