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Hello everyone!

Any Westchester mommies out there?

Re: Westchester moms

  • Just joined this board. I live in Westchester
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  • I'm in Tarrtytown!
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  • Sup! Mt. Vernon!
  • Northern Westchester
  • Fleetwood here.
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  • Anyone have any experience or knowledge about delivery at Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville?
  • Hi there!

    Just moved to Larchmont from the city.  I am looking for a pediatrician and possibly a new OB before I deliver in May.  Any recommendations?  Anyone you would NOT recommend?

    Thanks everyone!!

  • Hi, I'm from upper Westchester. @Tj+2014 I haven't delivered at St Lawerence, but I did see a high risk Dr for a few appointments that was associated with that hospital, and I had an amnio there, I had a good experience (nice staff, easy to navigate), but I wasn't there overnight.
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    Hi Allisonc, I moved from the city to Larchmont in Dec as well! Our baby girl was born 12/12/13 and we take her to the pediatric assoc. of Rye Brook. They are great! She has seen Dr Woodward and dr. Goodman and both have been wonderful. No Ob for me yet (I still go to the city) but if you are still looking for a pediatrician Rye Brook is accepting new patients. Good luck!
  • Anyone have fun places to take their babies? I am a working mom so it would need to be on the weekends...
  • Dr Greenwich from St. John's is horrible. She doesn't give you time of day. I asked her if I could ask her some questions she got up , turned her back n said I'm here ain't i? Then I had to be transported to the er n had a miscarriage n she never called, saw me there or followed up in any manner.
  • Hi Moms We live in Rye Brook. I currently see Dr. Dascupta at WestMed medical and will be delivering at Greenwich Hospital (due in Sept) @jkielty‌ ..appreciate the feedback on the pediatrician :)

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  • Hi Everyone! I am new to Yonkers, due in November, and am looking for doctor/hospital recommendations. Any suggestions?
  • I just moved to Hastings a few months ago and am due in December. St John's is the closest hospital (which - based on last winter's crazy snow & the fact that we have a toddler also - is important) but am having trouble finding an OB. Had an appointment at Dr Greenidge's, but wasn't all that impressed. And Angelahelena's comment makes me even less sure. To be fair, I did not meet the doctor herself, though that's another thing that makes me a bit wary. I may have just gotten spoiled by my old OB practice though... Suggestions are welcome!
  • Hi! I live in Hastings and am due in December.
    Mogwhite, I've been happy with my OB at WestMed in Ridge Hill.
  • Laurenpants - I'll probably keep my next appt to get blood work back and see how I feel at that point, but might write you for more info. And maybe I'll see you around town!
  • I also live in Hastings! I recently changed doctors from NYC to Westmed in Scarsdale only met with the mid wife but I have been happy so far. I am meeting with Dr. Meyer next weeks.

    What are you Hastings' moms doing for child care? I due in September.
  • My husband is a SAHD so haven't needed to look into childcare (though we're going to have our toddler go to The Coop this fall a couple mornings a week), but I know a couple people who have been using Bright Horizons and seem pretty happy with it.
  • I am going to look into Bright Horizons. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Mogwhite, let me know if you want info on WestMed in Ridge Hill. Going this week for my 1st real visit and US so will have more of an opinion then.
  • Hi BethR! Nice to know there are some Hastings moms here! I know some who've been happy at Rivertowns for child care too.
  • I have my next appt with the other doc next Friday, so depending on how it goes I might want more info. Good luck with everything this week!
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