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what do you think of these?


Luke Cooper

Charles Lee (called Lee)

Charles Reid (called Reid)

Reid Christopher


Anna Claire (as a double name)

Elizabeth Ruth (NOT Liz,Lizzy or Beth)

Leighton Ruth 

 (Ruth is my DH's grandmother's name, we are very close to her)

btw, I have an unusual first name, it was my grandmother's maiden name. i love it and love unusual, family names- but don't want my kids to have the crazy made up names people come up with these days.

Re: what do you think of these?

  • they are all just ok to me, definitely nms
  • Reid Christopher

    Leighton Ruth

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  • I love Luke, and I really like Charles with Charlie as a NN, but Reid and Lee are nms.

    Love Anna Claire and Elizabeth Ruth - and I agree, I love Elizabeth as a name with no nicknames. Leighton is okay. 

    Good picks :) 

  • Reid Christopher and Leighton Ruth are my favs.
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  • Like Luke and Charles. Don't like Reid and Lee as first names. Cooper is nms at all.

    Like Anna and Claire, not sure about together though.

    Love Elizabeth Ruth!

    Not a fan of Leighton at all.

  • I like Reid Christopher.  Anna Claire is actually on our list, too, but as a FN & a MN, not a double.
  • meh. ?i really don't care for any of those at all.
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  • image cvincent0423:

    Reid Christopher

    Leighton Ruth

     I agree.  I think Luke Cooper runs together too much.  If said quickly it sounds like Lucooper.  Lucas Christopher or Lucas Cooper would be nice.

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  • For a boy I like Luke, but not with Cooper. Maybe Luke Christopher or Luke Reid


    For a girl I like Elizabeth Ruth

  • All are fine, but here my advice to you.  I go by my middle name, and I would NEVER do that to my child!  It's the worst!  My signature is obvioulsy the name I go by, so it doesn't match any of my ID or anything, and I hate putting my full name into forms and stuff, cause people always call me my first name and I have to explain that I go by my middle name... anyway, that's just my opinion.  GL!
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  • image jcw2008:

    Charles Lee (called Lee)

    Charles Reid (called Reid)


    Groan.  My friend gave her son a dopey first name and then always called him by his middle name.  You wouldn't believe how much trouble they had enrolling him in school and getting teachers to call him by his middle name.  Make his first name what you intend to call him. 

  • Like Luke.  Like Cooper.  Don't like together.

    Like Charles.  Don't like Lee or Reid.

    Don't like Reid.  Like Christopher.

    Like Anna Claire as 2 names, not one.

    Like Elizabeth Ruth

    Don't like Leighton.

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  • I like anna and luke
  • I like pretty much any of your boys names, prefer Elizabeth on the girls names.
  • Not crazy about Leighton but like all the rest.
  • I think they're all fine.  I actually have a friend whose daughter is names Anna Claire, and honestly, when I hears it I immediately thought "An Eclaire". There's nothing wrong with it, but it sounds like food.

    Elizabeth has served me well but beware - people almost always immediately call me Liz, even though I tell them that I go by Elizabeth. Be prepared to choose a nn for her (or let her choose a name) because other wise, while she is a child at least, people WILL choose one for her.

    As for the middle name as first name - I dunno.  I know a few people who go by their middle names and from the outside it seems fine to me.  Don't know about the administrative hurdles mentioned by a poster who goes by her mn - something to consider I guess.  All the names are fine enough though!

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  • My favorites are: Luke Cooper and Leighton Ruth...I LOVE Leighton!
  • Love Leighton!  But if you choose Elizabeth be prepared for people to call her Beth of Liz...I know you and your family wouldn't but the kids and teachers at school would
  • Leighton is my favorite, and is on our short list.  Funny that you are getting positive responses to it here, I posted earlier today and I don't think a single person said they liked it...and we've not gotten great responses in real life either.  I also like Anna Claire. 

     I like Luke Cooper for a boy.

     Great names!

  • LOVE "Anna Claire" and Elizabeth Ruth. Ruth is a great old name. I am a huge fan of unique names especially if there is a historical connection.

    I find Leighton interesting. There is a town by that name near me but I think I like it as a girl's name. What are kids going to shorten that to?


    Good Luck!!! 

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  • If you want to avoid "Liz" or "Lizzy", don't go with Elizabeth. She may decide she likes those nicknames herself when she gets older. Also, why name your child Charles as a first name if you won't call him that? Just use it as a middle name. I prefer Leighton Ruth and Luke Cooper or Reid Christopher.
  • Luke Cooper- yes

    Charles Lee (Lee)- no

    Charles Reid (Reid) -  I'd call him Charlie or Chuck

    Reid Christopher- my favorite.

    Anna Claire- yes, though I'm not a fan of the double first name. It's not unheard of in the southern part of the country.

    Elizabeth Ruth- my question is, how are you going to prevent her or her friends from calling her a nn? DH and I had this discussion last night about the name Elisabeth and it's def a concern for us.

    Leighton Ruth- not a fan of Leighton, it sounds like a last name, so if it's a family name, I would consider it.

  • As an Elisabeth...you can't keep people from shortening it. Everytime I meet someone new, they automatically shorten my name. I've stopped caring if it's just someone I causually know, but for some reason people assume that Elisabeth/Elizabeth is a Liz. As a kid, my mom was very adamant about people not calling my Liz/Lizzie/Beth. I still go by my full name. People who care enough to call you daughter by her chosen name will & those who won't won't. It's become a joke to DH & I and it definitely shows who knows me & who just thinks they do. People are idiots....but that's no surprise. If it's a name you love GO FOR IT!


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