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Has anyone delivered in new Einstein hospital (E Norriton) in Mongtomery County NATURALLY?

Does anyone has experiencing delivering naturally at new Einstein hospital? Hospital claims to be natural birth friendly but I wanted to know if this is really happening. Do they really allow 

1) NATURALLY ("without outside interventions such as pain medication, electronic fetal monitoring or IV fluids" - See more at: https://montgomery.einstein.edu/obstetrics-and-gynecology/labor-delivery/#sthash.IPEa0on3.dpuf)


2) ROOMING IN? ("Rooming in is the term used to describe keeping your baby with you round the clock during postpartum recovery. Rooming in enables you and your baby to bond, as well as allowing time to adjust to breastfeeding and synchronizing sleep. - See more at: https://montgomery.einstein.edu/obstetrics-and-gynecology/labor-delivery/#sthash.IPEa0on3.dpuf) 

Any experience with these two would be an immense help! THANK YOU!

Re: Has anyone delivered in new Einstein hospital (E Norriton) in Mongtomery County NATURALLY?

  • I gave birth at the old Montgomery Hospital in Norristown in October 2011.  I had a natural birth with no problem.  All the nurses and doctors were so helpful and accommodating!  They also highly recommended keeping the baby in the room with us, and only took him at our request (we just HAD to get some sleep) or for any medical reasons like a check up or his circumcision.  
  • Hi!  First, I have to tell you that I am a doula, but my midwife also practices up at the new Einstein Montgomery hospital.  Yes, the nurses will support a natural birth and will support rooming in.  If you are committed to going natural though, I suggest you seek out the services of a midwife.  The midwives approach pregnancy and labor from a more natural perspective believing that your body and baby know what they are doing.  It's not the nurses who are going to keep away unnecessary interventions, that's ordered by your care provider.  Typically with a midwife, you may experience interventions, but you'll know you've tried everything else first and that the intervention is needed.  I'd suggest contacting Ronni Rothman, Woman Wise Midwifery, rrmidwife at verizon dot net.  It's more in the care provider you choose to work with than the hospital you select for your delivery.  The new Einstein is lovely and the midwives that were at Chestnut Hill, then Norristown, are now up there +some.
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  • I had my baby at the new Einstein only 3 days after it opened.  I think things there have calmed down since then!  I had an epi, but the docs and nurses were very accomodating.  I think if you talked to them about what you want, they will try to do it as much as possible.  They did encourage rooming in and the only time DS left was for his circ.  They even did the first bath and hearing test in the room!  I highly recommend it there.  And the food is half way decent too.  GL!

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