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Can you feel dilation?

Yup, I just asked that. Seriously - can you? Feels weird down there when I squat down.

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Re: Can you feel dilation?

  • The pressure you're feeling is probably just baby making more direct contact with your cervix. 
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  • It feels weird because you have a small human pressing on your vag.  Dilation, no.  Baby's head squeezing through said dilated cervix, yes.  
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  • quick answer no

    but as the head engages in the pelvis it can put pressure on your cervix and you can feel all sorts of weird feelings down there

    but not your cervix actively dilating

    Sawyer Lynn <3 Born 10.11.13

  • Pain yes, dilation, I don't think so. I was in pain for over a week and had no change in dilation.
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  • Hmmmm. It's not painful, just feels looser or more open right there when I squat or sit in certain positions (gross - sorry!) Probably baby pressure.
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  • But seriously you are most likely just feeling your pelvis open up in preparation for what's to come. Your ligaments will start to loosen up and stretch out.

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  • If you stick your fingers up there, you might.
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  • calibr8te said:
    When you start to hear the wind whistling through your nether regions, you know it's time to go to the hospital.

    Good call. image
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  • I don't think so. I found out I was a 1 and I haven't felt anything not even Braxton hicks.

    Jude Beckham 10/23/2013   Sean & Chels 03/08/2012


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    I thought it was that pressure of baby's head bouncing on the cervix (ouch) that causes early dilation and effacing?  At least in part?
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