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Breastfeeding older infant - how often?

Hello- my son is 9 months next week and I have had a MAJOR drop in supply in the last week or so. I am trying to figure out if I can try to push more solids while he is at DC and send him with less milk? Here is his basic schedule M-Th (Friday-Sunday I offer every two hours/ nurse on demand):

5:30 - breastfeed
7:15 - breast feed (right before DC)
8-3:30 - two solid meals, one snack, 11 oz of milk (he doesn't always finish the bottles)
4 - breast feed
6 - Solid dinner
6:45 - breastfeed
Midnight - breastfeed (I don't see him dropping this feeding anytime soon.

He eats from both breasts at all feedings. He is very active - almost walking and is growing well. What do you think? What do should I expect?

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  • That's about the same schedule as my almost 9 month old.  But she wants 3 bottles at daycare so I've started supplementing :( I can't hardly pump anything now, I might stop and see what happens to the morning and night feedings.
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  • I think everything sounds pretty normal for around that age.  I was looking back at my journal and my LO was still wanting milk 4-6 times/day.  Good for you for still pumping.  I was not able to hardly get anything at that point.  Good luck.
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  • I'm SAHM and DS is almost 11 months now.  When he was 9months old, I was BFing him 6x a day.  I dropped him to 5x a day when he turned 10 months.
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  • My dd is 9m also and we're at 5x/day. Plus I pump an extra time but I think I'm going to drop that if I can. So it sounds normal to me for this age. I've been pumping less per session but I'm wondering if that's normal because she's eating more solids.

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  • It seems common to have a supply drop around 8-9 months.  Has your cycle returned?  It could be that.  You can also try all the little things to give your supply a boost like the tea, fenugreek, oatmeal and flax, etc.
    When I hit the 9 month supply drop, I gave myself permission to send what I pumped, and let solids make up the rest.  It seemed like just dropping that pressure from myself got me back on track to pumping enough.  That was exactly what I needed to help me get through to a year (plus.)
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  • TJ- my cycle has not returned yet. I like what you have suggested about just sending what you pump. O has also been on the low end for weight (4%) and so I worry a lot about his caloric intake. When I picked him up at DC his DCP told me that he has become less interested in his 3rd bottle and so we are going to try out just two bottles. I sent 2 5 oz bottles today and I will see what he takes. That would be 10 oz plus 2 solid meals in 7 hours. I am so ready to be done pumping, although I know it is worth it.

    Thank you everyone for your reply!
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