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Birthing classes

Who us doing them? When are you doing them?

My dd is dec 14 and I'm debating doing the October classes. However I have conflicts with my schedule! Is November too late? The class is once a week for four weeks. The last class would be nov 26. Too close to my dd?
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Re: Birthing classes

  • We are taking our birthing class as a 6 hour Saturday class -just wanted to get it over with in one shot.  The class is Nov 2, I'm due Dec. 13.  Our hospital tour is on Nov. 21st. Bc of work conflicts it couldn't be sooner!
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    We had ours this month and really enjoyed them. We learned a lot, but it really depends on you. DH and I like to know everything possible, and we learned a lot about techniques during labor, etc., as well as what to expect before and after, group discussions, how to swaddle the baby, car seat info...a bunch of stuff.

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  • I think that's ok. We would have preferred a November class but because we want the Saturday express class had to settle for October.
  • I'm doing bradley classes on Mondays. Today will be out third and there is a total of eight.
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  • Same here. Feel anxious about finishing only a few days before due date but it's all mental. ;) breath.
  • I think if you finish by the end of Nov you should be safe.  We're doing 12 week long Bradley classes, & just w/ the timing of when the class was available, our last class is on Dec 8th & my DD is Dec 2nd (oops! haha), so we're actually going to take the last 2 classes on a different day w/ another class the instructor has going, just to make sure we get all the info in time. So we're definitely cutting it close too!
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  • I start classes tonight. DH and I are taking a 6 week natural birth class that end on Nov. 2nd I believe. I don't think November is too late, you may be pushing it a little but why not try.
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    This week will be our last childbirth class. Ours is basically the Bradley method, but it's not titled that. It deals with natural childbirth focusing on relaxation. But at the same time they're showing us all our options with pain meds if we choose that in the moment.
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  • I'm doing a 6hr class, month before my due date was when they gave me
  • I'm doing classes Nov 1st and 2nd, I did not want to do the 6 week course that is alot with an already busy schedule.
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  • We had our final class last night. I wanted to take the natural childbirth class and it was offered now or right before my due date. I didn't want to wait and possibly go into labor and not finish the class. I really enjoyed it and I feel much more comfortable having DH be my support person during labor.
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  • I start my class tomorrow. The hospital i'm birthing at suggested to be done a month before you birth so that way you don't go into labor early and not finish the class. But thats me and I freak out if I dont get things done early.

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