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Feel silly, but I'm kinda freaking out. - UPDATED

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Hey ladies, thanks for all the good vibes and thoughts yesterday!

The Great News: Baby Rosie is looking awesome, strong heartbeat, all is well.  Apparently she is sitting quite low and that, combined with a previous back injury, is what is causing my pain/muscle spasms in my lower back/thighs.  I was having some strong BH yesterday at the doctor, but they think it was just a coincidence that both things were happening at the same time so they aren't concerned about PT labor at this point.

The Not So Awesome News:  There isn't really anything I can do at this point to help with the pain aside from Tylenol and applying heat when possible, but I think I'll be able to handle it now that I'm not so worried.

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Re: Feel silly, but I'm kinda freaking out. - UPDATED

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    I'm a ftm but did you call your OB/midwife?

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  • That's exactly what my contractions felt like with DD.  My doc says to call if I experience more than four painful contractions in an hour, so by his standards it's time to call!  Good luck!  Keep us posted, if possible!
  • Yeah, call your OB or midwife.  I think I certainly would have called them before coming here with those symptoms.

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  • I'd call. Sounds like something to be monitored and assessed by the pros.



  • Yeah, call your OB/midwife.

    That said -- I had some pretty intense BH/crampiness around 27-28 weeks, and I called. They told me to drink a bunch of water and lie down, and they went away. The OB told me that (a) it's very unlikely for a STM to experience preterm labor if there's no history of it in a previous pregnancy (not saying it doesn't happen, but that put my mind at ease a bit), and (b) the baby goes through a growth spurt around this point in pregnancy, and STMs are likely to experience BH/cramps/uncomfiness in connection with all that growth -- something about our uteruses (uteri?) being "warmed up" from a previous preganancy.

    So, I vote it's probably normal, but call to be sure.
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  • I should have added: I did call my OB.  I have a message in with them and just waiting for them to return it.  I figured I'd pick ya'lls brains while I waited.

    My girls: August 14, 2011 and December 5, 2013

  • I had the same symptoms last week one night but also had nausea along with it.  I drank water and laid down and the symptoms subsided after about 30 minutes.  I am not sure if they were contractions or what.  I hope you get a call back soon from the Dr. and that everything is ok.

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  • If it was BH alone, I would say it was probably normal, but them wrapping around and her bleeding is what stood out to me.


    OP, I'm glad you called your OB...I hope it is nothing...wishing for the best. :)

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  • They will probably want you to go into L&D to be monitored so I'd pack up a few things while your're waiting!
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  • Glad you called! Please keep us posted. Hope you and your LO are okay.
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