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My Crappy Morning/Stupid Job *Long*

This morning was total crap :(

My office has had some major issues this year including the loss of 3 very big clients that means a huge loss in revenue and unfortunately that meant we had to announce some lay offs today. Since I'm on the management team this is something we have known was coming and we we have been planning for today's announcement for the past couple of months. So going into work today I knew it was going to be a sucky day- I just didn't know how sucky :(

About 5 minutes before the all staff meeting my Manager tells me that she needs to touch base with me. I've known that something was up for several days and she has been basically sucking at her job for months, so I was expecting that she was going to tell me she was stepping down or something. 

It turns out that she was demoted and that we would be restructuring the office and essentially since she was moving down to the role that I am currently in and therefore my title would also be being changed to something like a Supervisor title, and I've been a Manager for the last 2 years. Needless to say I was more than a little upset- I have been talking to HR, the other VP and the COO for months telling them that things were not going well and I wasn't getting support and that things really needed to be changed. I can't believe that this is the solution that they all came up with and I can't help but feeling like it is completely unfair to me since I have never once been told that I was not fulfilling the Manager roll. She did tell me that my pay would not be impacted but hers was- but to me this is still a demotion that I feel is not warranted. 

I talked to the other VP, who is taking over most of my boss's old responsibilities, and I just felt like there were not a lot of answers for me. I told her that I was very unhappy with how my Manager delivered this to me and that I didn't understand the justification for it. And of course the whole time I'm crying and being a big hot mess. So I left the meeting not knowing exactly what my title or roll will be and not really feeling good about the whole thing.

I was so upset, angry, frustrated and overwhelmed that I ended up leaving for the day as I couldn't keep it together long enough to seem OK on the floor. I ended up calling my husband sobbing so hard that he could hardly understand what I was saying. I feel like I'm being completely screwed over by my boss and I'm so pissed because I've worked my ass off for her for years and I've done so much for this job and it's crap that they can just do this without ever having a conversation with me. 

DH was super amazing he changed his work schedule so he could meet me when I got home and just held me in bed and let me cry for a little bit before talking me down and helping me calm down and make a game plan before he had to leave to go to work.

I know the next 10 weeks that I have to stay and work for this woman are going to be difficult, especially when I just hate her face so much for all of this :) and I'm not really sure what else I can do right now. I'm going to ask to regroup with HR tomorrow morning when I go back and get more information and really spend sometime thinking about what all of this means for me and I may reach out to the COO again to try and get some clarity. 

I'm trying really hard to be realistic about this and know that it could be so much worse, I still have the same pay and I still have a job but being pragmatic right now just isn't working for me since I'm so pissed off. 

If you actually made it all the way through this rambling huge post thanks so much! And please excuse any grammar/typo issues as I am still a big sobbing mess trying to get my crap together before I go pick up DD from school. 

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Re: My Crappy Morning/Stupid Job *Long*

  • Yikes! I'm sorry your having to deal with all of this stress :( Try to keep your head up and keep trying to remind yourself that it could be so much worse. You could be out of work completely.
    I'm a big believer in everything happening for a reason. It'll all work out!


  • ::hugs::  TEN MORE WEEKS, TEN MORE WEEKS, TEN MORE WEEKS.  You can totally do this.  And it sounds like your husband is a stellar support system to help you through.
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  • I'm sorry for your lousy day. Maybe this is a good sign to take your maternity leave, come back to work for a bit but have something new lined up...Pulling for you!



  • Ugh I'm so sorry! I would have left for the day too. Maybe tomorrow you can get better answers. ((Hugs))


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  • I am so sorry-that is a crappy and unfair situation right there. I hope the next 10 weeks go quickly for you and that things improve. Take care of yourself and little one.
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  • I'm so sorry! That is completely unfair! My  work just went through this "re-structuring" too, which basically meant a crapload of people got fired and a bunch of people got demoted. It sucks for everyone, because if you're not demoted, then people look at you as a traitor, and if you have a title change, even though you may be doing the same job, people suddenly think you're less important.

    God, it is SUCH bull shit. I am so angry on your behalf!!!! AAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    Ugh, I'm sorry. Hang in there. Hopefully this will seem like small potatos soon, but still, it blows. Hard. 
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  • OP, I feel like I know you.
    (Lurking from around The Bump)

    The $hit hit the fan where I work today too.


  • It seems like they at least did what they could to keep you, seeing as your job was essentially redundant.  Maybe they didn't want to replace your boss with you since you would be going out on leave for 3 months.  

    I'd try to keep it together as much as possible (crying at work like that can be seen in a pretty negative light) and show them what a good job you're doing.  

    And also try to come up with solutions for the problems you're seeing - it's difficult as a leader to have someone coming with complaints but with no ideas about how to address them.  They may have seen that as counterproductive.
    Good luck!

    Everything you said here is spot on and all things that in a more level headed state of mind I probably would have told myself. I did feel pretty stupid for crying at work but I feel like the VP I was talking to and I have a pretty good relationship and she understood where I was coming from but generally speaking I also am someone who sees crying at work in a negative light (this did not help me suck it up at all in the moment)

    And as far as bringing solutions- I did make several suggestions or bring up my thoughts on many occasions over the last few months. I know that there was a lot going on way above my pay grade and I'll probably never have all the info that I wish that I did have. 

    Thanks for taking a really pragmatic view of this whole thing

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  • Ladies- thanks for all of the support and feedback! Just what I needed after a crap morning

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