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Small Victory (Betas) **Update**

I hate when people post their concerns, but then never come back with updates.  To recap, I had low, but doubling betas and super low progesterone, with very light bleeding.  Last beta was 833, the new number 3 days later = 1830.  So, I'm still doubling, but still low relative to gestational age.  Also, my progesterone is up from 3 to 9.  That's still very low, but I hadn't started on progesterone yet.  

My big concern now is that after my OB visit and blood draw on Friday, the light bleeding from the past week increased, and went from brown to red.  I bled and cramped all weekend, but it wasn't as bad as with my MC's.  The cramps have eased up today, but I'm still bleeding red.  The only thing holding me together is prayer.  I also keep telling myself that it takes time for bleeding and cramping to start after a MC, but through all of the bleeding my numbers have continued to double. 

I go back to the OB tomorrow and she plans to do an U/S, so please send your T&P's that we see something good and find a positive reason for the bleeding.  Has anyone experienced rising betas with bleeding and cramping? 

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Re: Small Victory (Betas) **Update**

  • T&P to you and your LO. Please keep us updated tomorrow too.

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  • Hugs to you. T&P for your appointment tomorrow.

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  • ((hugs)) and so many prayers for you. Keep us posted on how the u/s goes. I will be thinking of you and your LO.

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  • ((Hugs)) sending positive thoughts to you and your LO.

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  • Sending Ts and Ps hunny xxx

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  • Thanks for the update.  T&Ps!
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  • Prayers! I hope everything turns out okay. Keep us updated.
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  • (((hugs))) So many happy thoughts for you and your little one.
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  • Thank you for the update and my fingers are crossed for you.
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  • I know this is all so hard and I'm sure you're full of anguish. I've read lots of woman bleed a lot during pregnancy including my mom with me. Fx for a great sono!!
  • Sending positive thoughts your way ((hugs)) for tomorrow.

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  • (((hugs))) and fx for your appintment tomorrow!
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  • [HUGS] Good luck tomorrow!

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  • Any update? Have you had your ultrasound? I had bright red bleeding last night but have nice, high and doubling betas too. Keep us updated! Still got my fx that everything looks perfect!

    The ultrasound didn't show anything, but the OB thought she saw a very small sac.  Given the bleeding got heavier, signs were pointing to miscarriage.  However, I've been waiting for beta results before reaching a conclusion.  Unfortunately, the nurse called today and said that my beta had taken a small drop, so I think it's clear that this pregnancy is over.  I was devastated after the ultrasound, but now I think I'm just relieved to have an answer.  I think I'm going to take a break from TTC, and just focus on getting myself healthy. 

    I wish all of you ladies all the best in your pregnancies, and hopefully I'll join you again in a few months!

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  • I am so sorry. (((HUGS))) 
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  • I'm so sorry :(  Take good care of yourself.  (((hugs)))

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  • dal2aus I'm so sorry for your loss! Miscarriage is so terrible. Praying for a sticky bean soon!
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