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feeling anxious

Had a very busy weekend and realized DD not moving as much as normal and what I do feel is no where near as intense as it has been. I'm sorta freaking myself out a bit but because of my GD diagnosis I start my weekly NST today so I haven't called yet since I go in at 3pm. Would you call and try to get in earlier or you think I'm OK to wait since I am feeling some movement?

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  • If you're really worried, call.   Chances are LO is just having a lazy day.  Also remember, as the babies get bigger, they have less room to move around in there so the type of movements change because they simply don't have the room.


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  • Like PP said call to be sure, but LO is probably just being lazy today!  I know in the last couple weeks I haven't felt our LO as often (at least that I notice), but when he does they are huge movements.  He still has very active periods (after I eat or when I'm laying in bed) so I'm guessing maybe his sleep/awake patterns are becoming more pronounced too.  
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  • Yeah, maybe she's just getting lazy. Her movements are have been pretty big and strong and just changed yesterday and now today. I think maybe I'll wait since she IS still moving. If I didn't already have an appt today I'd be calling for sure. This is my 2nd baby and I don't remember being this nervous/paranoid as a FTM. But maybe as a FTM I didn't know what to expect to I didn't know what to worry about and this time I feel like I 'know what I'm doing' or something...who knows?!?!?
  • Hopefully everything is fine, but I would call your doc if you are super worried! My LO has been doing that lately. I was running around a ton this weekend and now that I am sitting at my desk I don't feel too much movement, but my doc says babies tend to put themselves on a schedule and that can become more pronounced in the later weeks, so your LO may be just sleeping or being lazy like the PP's have mentioned.... hope all is well!

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  • My worries were premature....she has been moving much stronger and much more frequent the last hour and now it's lunch time for me and then not too much longer till we go to the Dr. Thanks for the advice. I really wish I didn't let my worries get the best of me sometimes.
  • UPDATE: just before lunch she perked right up and was moving all over. Ffwd to NST, hooked up to machine for just over an hour I was having pretty regular contractions none that were painful just uncomfortable. They had me drink 2 bottles of water to get me hydrated to see if that would help spacing my contractions and it did so I was free to go. Guess I'll be taking it easy tonight and being extra diligent in getting enough to water in me
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