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not so healthy eating...:/

i cant stomach eating anything other than fast food! ive tried eating just fruit, veggies, plain meals, salad, nuts, everything.  all i can stomach eating is greasy french fries and hamburgers. im almost out of my 1st tri and i hope this ends soon.  i feel terrible eating this bad food for baby but i figure its better than nothing?!

Re: not so healthy eating...:/

  • I was the same up until 8 or 9 weeks and still have days that that is all I want to eat! 
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  • Don't feel bad. I am the exact same way. I had Mcdonalds and Taco bell in the last two days. It's like I'm doing drugs, because immediately afterwards I feel sooo guilty. I told my husband " I feel so bad for my baby because he is probably trying to get nutrients and can't!!"

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  • My mother always told me that the baby will take what it needs from you, so it won't suffer at all.  You are the one who needs the extra vitamins/minerals/calories.  If that's what you can stomach, great, enjoy it :).  Later in the pregnancy you can make up for it. 

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  • I'm in the same boat. I ate a salad yesterday and felt victorious!!! It was loaded with ranch dressing though... so not very healthy.. but at least it was something besides PASTA!! :)

    I just take my prenatal each night and try to drink a lot of water... 
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  • I literally just posted the same discussion in my birth month (May 2014) forum...all I want is McDonalds cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, take out chinese food....NOTHING healthy - and I feel sooo guilty after =( Here's hoping it gets better after the 12 week mark and I can start eating healthier...not only am I worried about the little bean inside of me but I also don't want to over-gain for the pregnancy either. It's tough!

  • Haha, yup, this my second and I swore I wasn't going to start out doing the carb-fest like I did with my first.  But I'm just so damn quesy it's all I can stomach.  Oh well, like the others said, you can make up for it when you're feeling better!

  • Me too! I was doing SO well with eating healthy and drinking lots of water. Then the MS, I'm awful. I'm a bit overweight anyway, and had started trying to make better choices before the pregnancy while trying to conceive.....once I hit 6 weeks, all of my progress is gone. I know I should have the granola and yogurt, but I had the doughnut instead :(  Last night I felt victory over a bowl of soup and grilled cheese at home.....I keep telling myself that this first trimester will be over in 5.5 weeks and then I will do so much better.....
  • any food is better than no food, don't be too hard on yourself :)


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  • I'm with you on the fast food thing. That is pretty much all I want right now. But the other girls are right - just eat what you can and I'm sure the baby will get everything he/she needs from you.
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  • I normally eat very healthy. Once I found out I was pregnant and started to feel sick all the time, the only things that ever sounded good, was bad for me. Fast food, donuts, pizza, chinese, and anything fried! I'm really hoping the 2nd trimester is better.
  • During my first pregnancy all I ate was spaghetti - it was all I could stomach.  Eventually I started to eat better, but my doc said whatever I can eat is fine as long as I was taking my vitamins and drinking plenty of water.


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  • I may have to stop on the way to my doctor's appointment to get some french fries.. that sounds soooo good!!

    FWIW, I am the same way. My nausea intensifies in the late afternoon/early evening, so some nights I end up eating pasta with butter and parmesean (like a 5 year old) or a small helping of tater tots for dinner. I try to do my best when I actually feel like eating. If I have a crappy-food day (or week), I try to remind myself that it's all okay.
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  • My eating is terrible right now too. The only thing I can really handle is bread and pasta and crackers and very small amounts of it. I thought I would be losing weight from barely eating but I'm still gaining! I wouldn't feel too guilty. My mom smoked when she was pregnant with me! LOL.


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