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Will you be posting LO pics online?


Re: Will you be posting LO pics online?

  • JaxxM said:
    JaxxM said:
    i wont be putting them on the newsfeed on FB, i made a secret baby group and only added family and really really close friends.  Im not one to post really anything FB.... As for the bump i havent decided yet, most likely i will. I know there are weirdos out there, but whats a pic of my brand new squishy really gonna do? They pretend its theirs in a couple years?  babe wont even look the same 24 hours after birth let alone years down the line.
    curious why you are comfortable on TB posting a new born pic,but not FB?
    I just don't really use fb. I have way to many friends. I don't have time to go through 1500 friends that I made over the years and delete. I don't like it when people post kid pics non stop on newsfeed I guess I don't want to one of those people.
    Whoaa 1500 - ok. I completely understand your logic. 

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  • JaxxM said:
    I guess I'm a voyeur on Fb... Lol I never post anything... No belly pics.. No preggo announcent... No things about personal life.. In fact I haven't posted anything on there in over a year. I guess it would be weird if I randomly posted a baby pic
    yeah. i guess i just assume people use facebook the same way i do . :) 

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  • NYMama1 said:
    KateMW said:
    ScarlettV said:

    FB will get pictures...But, I have my FB on lockdown......So, I'm not worried about that. 

    I want to put up one or few ;) here, but I have heard so many horror stories of crazies stealing LO pictures.....It scares me a bit....I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'll do. 

    What do people do with stolen baby pics? Pretend your LO is their own baby?? I dont get it.
    Yea they do, it's insane. There was all this recent drama here with someone who stole another members baby pics and announced them as their own. Someone recognized the original owners pics and called them out on it.
    It turned out that it was a reg who doesn't like her.
    @katemw I saw she got banned.  Was it an IP ban or has she already tried to reincarnate herself under a new AE?
    I have no idea, but I definitely think it was more of a personal issue with the poster than a weirdo stealing everybody's baby pics. Not that it doesn't happen.
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • Facebook only, I have it on the highest privacy setting they have, I would here but the trolls scare me.

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  • Ours will be limited. We'll put them on FB mostly for family and friends to see. I'm sure DH will post lots on his Instagram, too.
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