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So this weekend I spent a lot of time assembling our new bedroom set from Ikea. I love it! However, it has confirmed what I believe to be one of my most solidified beliefs. I think that there should be an added component to the "requirements" for people to get married. You fill out your marriage license form, then take the Ikea furniture assembly test. You and your soon to be spouse have to assemble two large pieces of Ikea furniture without strangling each other - no time limit. If you both come out alive and still want to marry the person you started the test with, you can get married. Hey, you can even take the furniture as an early wedding gift...

Seriously, I think if everyone in the world had to assemble Ikea furniture at the same time one day, the world would simply implode.

Can anyone else relate?
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  • DH and I passed this test pre-engagement -- but let's see how we do when he goes to assemble our crib after the baby gets here!
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  • DH can have quite a temper when it comes to flat packed furniture, so I sit, watch and 'supervise' ;-)

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  • Totally! We put together some Ikea stuff for the nursery last weekend.  And I'm almost no help anymore except to read the instructions and interpret. Getting on the floor and up off the floor is almost impossible.
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  • Haha phew! We've passed that test a few times (and also assembled our nursery furniture together, although those weren't ikea).

    jkrauss627 's canoe trip is a good idea as well :) we did that one this summer at around 20 weeks pregnant lol, interesting challenge but we actually did really well. It may have something to do with experience level too though, growing up in Canada and owning my own canoe since I was teenager I'm relatively comfortable in a canoe.
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  • My H assembles the furniture while I watch and hand him pieces.  I always find something that he is doing wrong though, and I tell him and he gets pissed.  Once he puts it together with a backwards piece, he laughs and asks me why I did not tell him he was doing it wrong.  It's kind of funny now.  But it was not in the beginning.

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  • Ha my DH is an engineer and has his own way of doing things so our compromise is he gets to do all assembly.  I think another test is to drive to a new place with crappy directions and no GPS.
  • Yes! I agree with this! DH and I have been putting our furniture together since pre-engagement/dating days. He actually said something similar after a very challenging piece of Ikea furniture that we got through together.


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  • I agree too! We have tried once putting together an ikea wardrobe together 5 years ago. It didn't work out! Since then he does not want me around. He will put furniture together when I am must likely gone running errands. Same thing with moving. He does NOT want me to help with moving.

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  • I think just going to ikea together and surviving is a relationship test. It's always madly packed out, last time we forgot where we parked ended up wandering the car park for 1/2 hr
    Haven't even looked at assembling the crib yet!
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    DH is pretty handy, so he doesn't let me do anything lol. I sit and watch and keep him company. He's happy :-) sometimes he has me hold some screws or something so if eel useful haha

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